Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I didn't realize how hard life would be with two kids.  Don't get me wrong - I got pretty lucky with two amazing kids - Riglee usually sleeps from 10pm until 9 or 10am and when we can get Parker in bed and to sleep, he'll sleep until 8 or 9am.

Riglee hardly cries - usually it's because she's starving or wants attention. 

Parker loves laying by her on the mat on the floor or on the bed. 

He holds her hand in the car.

He really is a great big brother.

However, adventuring out with two kids, not so easy...
At the grocery store, Parker has to be buckled in or he climbs out so I have to put him in the seat belt - which means Riglee's car seat ends up in the back which leaves little to no room for anything!  Hence the reason when I have both of them, I only get a few things or I go to HEB because their carts have seats for two.

I've been slacking going to the gym - it's just been to hard to get there - but I def need to start back up.

We went and watched Kung Fu Panda 2 this weekend with Adam's fam - Parker only liked the action scenes.  He got bored during the rest of it.  We saw previews for Happy Feet 2, Cars 2, and ZooKeeper and Parker said that he wanted to go see them.  We shall see.  ZooKeeper seems like another Night at the Museum type show - except it's a zoo.  We'll see -

When Parker says "Who's That" it sounds like, "Oh s***".  Not good - Kari told Mom that it sounded like "Oh Shoot (you know because we don't curse)" and Parker repeated her and said "Oh Shoot".  We really have to watch what we say around him. 

He throws tantrums like no other.  He's spoiled rotten and somebody usually gives him what he wants - but not all the time.  We have started holding our ground and telling him no.  That means he cries, but that's life. 

He knows how to work the Ipod and Ipad - He can pull up netflix and pick a movie, he can play games, he's pretty smart for only being two.  I swore that my kid would never use them as much as he does, but with Adam being the tech guru that he is, he gives in and gives them to Parker.  He says it's okay - he's learning...

It seems like life has been so busy lately with everything and we can't keep up.  Adam is on his last part of school - only 3 or 4 weeks left and then he will be done and graduates in August!  I am super proud of him for sticking to it and working so hard.  I asked him if he was going to go on to do his Doctorate and he said not for a while haha - Poor kid is tired of school after getting his Bachelors and Masters. 

He will be able to teach classes online with his Masters though - So if you are taking online classes from Lamar this fall, look for a class from him!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation May 2011

We decided since Adam only has his internship left that we would take a small vacation. We wanted to make it fun for Parker -

Our vacation started Thursday Morning with both of us getting haircuts by the fabulous, Tiffany! Then we ate lunch with Adam's dad and headed to Lufkin. We watched Hunter play a little bit of his ball game and then headed to Andrea's (Adam's Sister) graduation from Police Academy. Then we ate at Casa Ole to celebrate... We stayed the night with my sister and got up Friday Morning and headed to the Lufkin Zoo.

We bought a family pass at the Lufkin Zoo for $40 that gets us into 60-70 zoos across the country for free or half off depending on the zoo - It gets us into Houston Zoo for free!!! I'm pretty excited about that - Houston Zoo has gotten expensive $12 for Adults and $8 for kids 1 and up! That's crazy! After the zoo, we headed to Incredible Pizza in Conroe, then went to the Houston LDS Temple, then hit up Jamba Juice, then checked into our hotel, went to Katy Mills Mall (I bought two pairs of jeans in a smaller size that I have been wearing! Oh Happy Day), ate at Rainforest Cafe, went back to the hotel and then got up Saturday Morning - Headed to Houston Premium Outlets in Cypress, found a Buc-ee's right down the road from it, went to the Children's Museum in Downtown Houston, and then came home and met my dad for dinner! Here are tons of pictures! Enjoy!

The Lufkin Zoo

We got a 2 room suite hotel - it was huge and pretty nice except for the fact that one of the bathroom doors squeaked so it was loud, the air conditioner in the bedroom wasn't the best and there was a long hair in our bed so we had to change our sheets at 11 o'clock at night - I'm pretty sure we'll get the two room suite every time we take the kids on vacation with us!

Parker loved Incredible Pizza in Conroe - let me tell you 1000 times better than Chuck E Cheese - It has bowling, putt putt, bumper cars, go carts, plus all the arcade games, a room for toddlers to play in and it's a pizza, pasta, salad, dessert buffet!  I went when Adam's family when we were dating and we knew Parker would love it!

Do you see Adam's big feet?  Yep he went down the slide with Parker!

We couldn't Pass up Jamba Juice!! Parker was a fan of the Chocolate Moo'd and Adam and I love Strawberries Wild!

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe - Parker loved it!

During the rainstorm - this elephant (that was right at our table) would move its trunk and trumpet.  Parker was scared at first since it was so close to us - but when we told him it wasn't real, he was okay with it!

We found a Buc-ee's!!!
We didn't buy any Beaver Nuggets - but we did get some amazing fudge and beef jerky!!

The Children's Museum