Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Buna Shower

Marie and Andrea threw me a baby shower in Buna for Adam's side of the family and everyone in Buna. It was a lot of fun and there was lots of good food. We got a lot of great things for Little Parker's arrival and we are thrilled that everyone is so willing to help out. Here are a few pictures from the shower.

These are some onesies from some of Adam's Aunts. They are so cute and there are bibs to go with them that match. I was so excited. We hadn't gotten many onesies or bibs so we are thrilled.
Kari went with me and Adam and Matt showed up for food and to load up the gifts in the car. Kari gave such cute faces in all of the pictures that were taken I had to post at least one of them. And there is Matt enjoying the cake.
These monkeys are so cute. One of Adam's Aunts gave us these cute monkeys with a few other things. I love how cute they are. Their legs and arms are so long and they have tiny bodies. Parker will love them. This is the picture of the cake. I wasn't supposed to eat any, but I wiped the frosting off of the top of my piece and ate a few bites. I couldn't not eat some of it.
Kari and Matt's mom enjoying the party. Their faces don't really look like it, but Andrea had my camera and I doubt she warned them she was taking a picture.
This is Adam and Me checking out the big box we got. It was Parker's crib. We were so excited that he has a bed to sleep in now!
This is Adam and Matt putting the crib together. Adam said since Parker wouldn't sleep in it the first little bit that it wouldn't matter when he put it up, but I told him I wanted him to do it sooner than later so that if there were pieces missing or broken we would have time to send it back. Here is the finished product. It is so cute. I can't wait until we get a mattress and the bedding so that it will be complete.

Thanks everyone for all the gifts and a great shower! We appreciate it greatly.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Christmas

We have had a very busy month and it has been crazy. It has also been hard to believe that this is our first Christmas together as a family. We had a few while we were dating/engaged, but this was the first one after we have been married. I'll admit it was kinda weird at first sleeping in and not being at mom and dad's house to open gifts with them. It was weird not seeing them all day. But it was fun and exciting spending time with my husband for the day and we did head to Lufkin to spend time with Caryn and Court's families. So it wasn't just the two of us the whole day. Here are a few things we got for Christmas.Adam has been wanting new guitar strings for a long time, but hasn't gone to Beaumont to pick any up. Matt and Kari were heading to Beaumont and I asked them to get some for him so I could wrap them up and put them under the tree. Later that day, Adam and I were in the car headed who knows where and Matt called asking him what kind of strings he wanted. So that surprise was kinda ruined, but Matt was doing us a favor by getting the right ones so we wouldn't have to do a return later and Adam wouldn't have to pretend I did good. Thanks Matt and Kari for doing my shopping for me!
We went and saw the live performance of the Christmas Sweater and Adam loved it. The very next morning he had already posted on his blog on how he wanted the book, etc. Knowing he doesn't have time to sit and just read a book, I went and got it on cd so he could listen to it in the car or at work. Dad wrapped it for me and it has been under our tree all week. Adam thought it was his guitar strings until Christmas morning when he opened his guitar strings first. He had no clue, but loved it. We listened to the first cd on the way to Caryn's and I think the 2nd cd starts with chapter 5, so we'll have to listen more so we can finish the "book".
Parker isn't even here yet and he is already getting presents. We are wanting to do the nursery in Monkeys so mom and dad gave this to us. It is so soft. We love it. He even had a cute stocking at mom and dads house with a snowman with a diaper on. It is so cute and since he isn't here yet, they get to use it next year for his first Christmas.

I didn't take any pictures of my gift from Adam because it is impossible to take a picture of a camera with a camera. I told him I wanted a digital one before Parker came so I could post cute pictures of him for all of our friends and family near and far to see. I was 85% surprised. I kept asking him if it was a camera and was I guess hoping it was so much that I convinced myself it was. He said it was hard to keep it from me, but I love it and haven't really taken much pictures because I keep forgetting I have a camera!
My due date is quickly approaching and I feel like I could pop at any second. In fact the lady at Walmart today thought I was due any day now. So the above picture is me from almost 26 weeks and the dotted line is me now at almost 37 weeks. It feels like I have gotten so much bigger than that, but I guess not. I have only gained 9 lbs still so hopefully I can keep it that way for the rest of the pregnancy. Not much longer now, but hopefully at least after January 5 because mom is gone until the 30 and my doctor is gone until the 4th. I don't want the doctor on call to deliver because I love my doctor so much and I just want my mom there with me. Caryn assured me that if I went into labor before mom got home that she would find someone to watch her kids so that she could come be with me and attempt to take moms place. I love that my family is so close and we are all willing to be there for each other. Thanks Caryn!
Here is an actual picture of my gut today. I feel huge. I have washed all the clothes and blankets we have gotten so far for Parker and put them in drawers so that if he does surprise us sooner, I'll be somewhat ready. I guess I should start packing my bag to bring to the hospital so it's ready just in case, but I just haven't felt like it. What can I say, I'm a slacker. Well that's it for now!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas...

and all through the house. The Haynes were busy stirring about. They laid out their stocking by the cute little tree that Mr. Haynes purchased only 5 days ago. They opened their new pajamas and were thrilled to no end. Their tummies were filled from all the good food they had eaten, from the Haynes, the McCallons, and Tuckers that day. Both exhausted and tired, she found more to do, for the house wasn't ready for St. Nick that night. The washer was going and even the dryer with all the laundry they hadn't yet gotten to.

Okay enough of my silly, crazy story. We have had a long day. We left at 11 to head to Matt's house with the shrimp they needed for the gumbo. We hung out until about 2 and then headed to Adam's parents to spend time with them. Marie made some potatoes and steak fingers and it was amazing. She also had cheesecake. I only had one little bit of Adam's. I was a good girl all day. We headed back to McCallons to get Kari and Matt to head to Vidor. We ate breakfast for dinner (tradition) at my aunts house. Everyone opened pajamas (another tradition). Adam and I left ours at home. We dropped off Kari and Matt at their house and headed home. We opened our pajamas and started a load of laundry and folded clothes and I am so tired. I have been tired all day.

Tomorrow we are headed to Caryn's to spend time with her family and Court's family. We are excited to be able to spend time with family around the holidays. This will probably be the last trip to Lufkin we make before Parker comes. I get really tired of sitting in the same position in the car. It is killing me. The aches and pains, but it will all be worth it in the end. Well I am headed to bed. I'll post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant. Only 4 weeks to go and little Parker will be here. I had an appointment today. I lost 2 lbs. So I have officially only gained 9 lbs in 36 weeks. I am so excited about that. I go to the hospital next week to do a non-stress test. I have been doing them every week for about 3 weeks now and my doctor is leaving town for the holidays but he doesn't want me to miss a week so that's why I have to go to the hospital next week. Not a big deal.

I have another ultrasound scheduled for January 7th. We are getting more and more excited as the days go by. Mom and Dad left to go to Utah for Christmas and she told me before she left not to do too much so that I wouldn't go into labor before she got back. My doctor doesn't think that will happen. So mom should be back in plenty of time before the baby shows up. Well I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amazing Husband

So I meant to post about this last night after I got home from all my fun, but I was so tired that I just couldn't. I have had a head cold since Tuesday and it seems as though it is only getting worse and worse. I have been taking Tylenol cold (not much you can take when your pregnant), and it isn't really working, but life goes on. Adam and Matt went Christmas shopping last night for their wives hoping to help each other out. They came back to moms to get me and Adam and I headed home.

We keep a lamp on in the living room so it's not so dark when we get home and it was off when we pulled up. It's a touch lamp and when the washer is going, it moves through the settings of low, med, high, and off. So I just figured I must have started a load of laundry and forgotten. I walked inside and saw a little 32 inch tree on our end table. It is so cute. Adam and I hadn't really gone out to get one, but I told him I wanted a small 1-3 footer. I told him we wouldn't have any presents to put under it, but at least our house would have a little bit of decor. It is fiber-optic so he didn't have to buy lights, he did however get little tiny ornaments to hang on the tree and when I got home we added a few of mine from when I was growing up and we put my little Rudolph ornament on the top as our tree topper. It was so cute and exciting.

I love that he just wanted to do something sweet to surprise me. He is such an amazing guy. I can't wait for Parker to be here so that I get to see what a sweet, amazing dad he will be. He will be here before we know it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kimberly GRADUATED!!

We had a very busy day today. I was up by 6:30 or so to shower and get ready for graduation. I had to be there by 8:30. Graduation didn't officially start until 9:30, but they wanted us there early so that we could be lined up before it started. I told my advisor in my room that I was 8 months pregnant and I wasn't sure how long I could sit in the hot gym. She told a lady over here and the lady came back and spoke with me and told me that after I was handed my empty folder (yeah the thing that holds the diploma...with no diploma in they don't give the wrong one to the wrong person yadda yadda yadda) to continue to talk out of the gym and not go back to my seat. Sweet! I didn't have to stay for the whole thing. It was so hot in there.

We then came home and had lunch with my siblings and parents. The only one missing was Crick, but he was just here for the wedding and couldn't make it back so soon. We had our "Christmas" with them. Since there are 6 kids in my family, we have always done a rotation so that we didn't go broke buying for all 5 of our siblings. As we have gotten older and gotten married, you just do a family gift or something for the sibling you have. So we exchanged those gifts today and the grandkids opened their pajamas (usually they don't open those until Christmas Eve). They got to do it early because Mom and Dad are heading to Utah for Christmas on Tuesday to spend with Crick. They wanted to do Christmas with their Texas kids before they headed out.

We then headed off to Vidor to do Adam's family Chirstmas with all of his aunts and uncles. It was fun and even little Parker got a few gifts. How fun. We have just been going going going all day long and we are finally just sitting down and relaxing. I am about ready to head home though and go to bed. I have this stupid head cold still and it is driving me crazy. I think I have been through a whole box of tissues just in two or three says.

Well this probably doesn't make sense and I am just rambling now, so that's it. The end.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Almost Here

Seeing all of my friends graduation pictures from this semester is making me excited more and more for mine. I have two tests left. One online and the other in class on Thursday and then on Saturday is the big day. I know that I've posted about this a lot, but it is really exciting for me because I hate school so much.

It has really taken a toll on Adam. Working full time, taking 13 hours, helping me with my 15 hours, anticipating a baby, he is exhausted all the time. There is never enough time in the day for him to get things done. He comes home and just wants to be a bum and sit around and do nothing. Some days I don't blame him. Especially after yesterday and last night. He had work from 8-5, then we both have class together from 5:30-8. Luckily we left school around 7:30 because we finished our project. A friend of mine then came over for us to help her on her statistics. She left around 12:30. We immediately went to bed. We were both so tired. Then at about 1:30 I heard chattering and the bed was shaking. I look over at Adam and the poor guy was in a ball with his teeth chattering. He was freezing and said he didn't feel good. He got up and changed into sweat pants (Adam can't sleep in long pants because he gets so hot sleeping so this is crazy for him). Our bed has our sheet, comforter, and the blanket that the guests at my wedding shower made for us on top of us. I put another blanket on top of him and tried to scoot close to him to give him body heat. He was sick half the night and had to get up a few times to visit the porcelain palace. Poor fella. We'll that's enough for tonight.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

4 Days

There are four more official days of the semester. I have three (maybe four) tests left and I am done. I have a statistics, history, and public speaking test left to go this week. If I do poory on the stats test I have to take the final to improve my grade. Right now without this test I have an 89.6 I think in the class.

My group project due Saturday was horrible. I finally received the paper at almost 4 o'clock. It was the worst paper I have ever read. It was as though 4 people wrote the same thing and just pasted it one after the other. It was so out of order and everything was repeated over and over. So one group member rewrote the paper for me and I got the final draft at 9 pm. I then had 3 hours to finish the power point. As I was uploading the paper and power point the time turned from 11:59 (the time it was due) to 12:00. It said that we uploaded everything, it just wasn't submitted. I emailed it to the professor and she said that we had 6 weeks to do it and she doesn't understand why we would wait until the last second to turn it in and she would accept it, but we were going to have points taken off our grade. That kinda makes me mad because all I was in charge of was the power point and every time I asked about the paper, how it was coming, do I need to help, they said that we had until midnight to turn the paper and power point in and they were fine. So apparently they thought I could whip out a power point in like 2 seconds over a paper. Not possible. Lame....I hate group projects.

Only 4 days left and I am done! Yippee!

Friday, December 12, 2008

One Big Happy Family

So here are a few family photos from Kari's wedding. The one's at the temple aren't very good because Mom and Justins glasses are the "lexus" lenses and they change in the sun so they are the only ones wearing sunglasses. Lame.
Claire, Sarah, Kevin, Kimberly, Adam, Caryn, Tucker, Justin, Matt, Kari, Mom, Hunter, Dad, Taylor, Crick, Meredith, Court and Janelle
Sarah, Kevin, Kimberly, Tucker, Adam, Matt, Kari, Claire, Court, Hunter, Mom, Janelle, Taylor, Caryn, Dad, Meredith, Justin, Crick
Sarah, Kevin, Kimberly, Tucker, Adam, Matt, Kari, Claire, Court, Hunter, Mom, Janelle, Taylor, Dad, Meredith, Caryn, Justin, Crick, Grumps, Grammer

Homework! Oh, Homework!

Homework! Oh, homework!
I hate you! You stink!
I wish I could wash you
away in the sink.
If only a bomb
would explode you to bits.
Homework! Oh, homework!
You're giving me fits.

I'd rather take baths
with a man-eating shark,
or wrestle a lion
alone in the dark,
eat spinach and liver,
pet ten porcupines,
then tackle the homework
my teacher assigns.

Homework! Oh, homework!
You're last on my list.
I simply can't see
why you even exist.
If you just disappeared
it would tickle me pink.
Homework! Oh, homework!
I hate you! You stink!

Thank you Jack Prelutsky for clearly describing how I feel about homework. Especially last night. A friend came over and we worked on homework together from 6:15 or so until just after 10:30. She left and went home to continue and I worked on it more until after midnight. I have been on the same stupid Statistics lesson since about 9:30 last night or so and it keeps telling me I'm not scoring high enough because I round when it doesn't want me to and don't round when it wants me to. How the freak am I supposed to know when to round and when not to round? We still have lots to do and we are running out of time to do it.

Fri Dec 12 - Kim's Discussions 14-16 Due - Hist 11:30 pm

Sat Dec 13 - Kim's Group Project Due - Marketing 11:59 pm

Sat Dec 13 - Adam might be helping a family friend finish building their shed

Sun Dec 14 - Adam and I were asked to help Caryn with her Sharing Time for Primary so Lufkin here we come

Mon Dec 15 - Kim's Homework and Tests Due - Statistics
Assignments: 7.2 (the dumb one that I still can't finish because appariently I don't know how to round), 7.3, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, A.5, A.6
Test 1 Due by 8:00 am - Chapters 1-4
Test 2 Due by 11:59 pm - Chapters 7, 8, 10
Final Due by who knows when

Mon Dec 15 - Adam's Final Due - Game Design 11:59 pm

Wed Dec 17 - Adams' Project 9 Due - Web Design 11:30

Wed Dec 17 - Adam's Quiz 14 Due - Web Design 11:30 pm

Wed Dec 17 - Kim's History Final Due - 11:30 pm

Thurs Dec 18 - Kim's Final For Public Speaking 100 questions over a book he has only lectured about twice

Final for Web Design - Adam's - Due sometime next week

Homework for Adam's "special class" (you will have to ask Adam why its his special class-lucky guy) - due sometime next week

Saturday Dec 20 - 9:30 Graduation
- 12:00 Lunch with my family
- 12:00 Adam's family Christmas (I think we are going to be a little late)

Do you think we have enough to do? I am feeling very overwhelmed and stressed and I don't think I can get it all done, but I better get going and quit blogging so I can work on stuff and get it done.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Snowed in Nederland Texas

So if you read my previous post, you will see that they said it was going to snow. Who really believes the weather people anyways right. It's just some crazy prediction right? WRONG. I woke up this morning to shower and get ready for my group presentation and looked out the window and saw white. Everywhere (well except the cement). I left Idaho, Snow, Cold, Ice, to be warm and cozy during the winter. I am fine with the temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but the 30s and snow down here is a little ridiculous.

Do you see the snow covering the ground and roof of this house and the snow still under my windshield wipers?Mom's neighbors made these cute snowmen before they left for school. Crazy that there was enough snow to get two decent sized (well decent in the fact that you can actually see it from the road or across the street) snowmen built.
Look how pretty the field is.
Adam's car after he had started it and cleaned the windshield. He started mine early too and cleaned my windshield. What a sweet husband I have.
We even had snow on our steps. Adam kinda cleared it off this morning by going out and starting our cars, he wouldn't let me walk down the steps without holding on to the top and to him because there aren't side rails and he didn't want me to fall. He even said that when I was done with school I couldn't go straight home because he was scared the ice/snow would still be on the steps and he wouldn't be home to help me get back inside. (You think it's just cause I'm pregnant? Or because he is that sweet to me? He is that sweet to me...he would have done it no matter what.)
This is just to the right of our porch and the pretty snow.
Adam's car before he uncovered it.

School still has a good amount of snow on the ground. Although it is pretty and fun to look at, it is not fun to drive in when you live in an area that gets no snow and no real ice and people aren't used to driving in it. Luckily, living in Idaho, I have driven in it and know what it's like and it wasn't too bad. The roads weren't really icy at all...just all the overpasses.

Our group project went fairly well. He loved our booklet. He got on to me for not breathing and slowing down, but I was having a hard time breathing this morning while I was talking. It isn't easy to speak for 5 minutes straight non-stop sharing your stomach with someone else. We called my cousin Mike for tips and he was great in giving us feedback because part of it had to do with breaking the law, etc and he is an attorney, so we got stars for that. He was excited that we quoted the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and the laws and all that. So our hat's off to you Michael Shane! We get to turn in our critiques on each other and you better believe that the kid that did nothing is not going to get a good score. He finally emailed his part of the packet at 6:45 only an hour and forty five minutes after it was printed and bound and all he sent were websites. No writing of any sort and we told him the day before that we needed everything before we met yesterday at 1 so I could have the complete booklet for the group to see before the final print. So there was not a total rough draft at the meeting, he didn't show up at the meeting, and didn't do anything. I'm still pretty bitter about it, but I am moving on to my next group project that is due on Saturday. The rest of the group wrote the paper and I just have to do a powerpoint on it. That should be easy enough right?

Well this is stinking long enough!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Can I just tell everyone that yesterday it was in the mid 70's and today it has been freezing all day. And the below paragraph is what the weather is supposed to be like tonight. Are you kidding me? Snow and Sleet in Southeast Texas when it was in the 70's yesterday? Come on. Give me a break. It is hard to bundle up when most of your maternity clothes consists of short sleeve shirts and capris. Craziness I tell you...Craziness


Rain likely...a chance of snow and sleet in the evening...then rain...snow likely and a chance of sleet after midnight. Snow and sleet accumulation up to 1 inch. Lows in the lower 30s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph inland...northwest 15 to 25 mph coast. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.

We don't have central heat just little space heaters, so it looks as though I may be heading to mom's house. However, when I called to inform her of that, she said that its Kari, Matt and her at home and Dad is out of town so the heater isn't coming on. SHE IS CRAZY SOMETIMES! Dad Hurry Home so that mom doesn't freeze us out.

Winter Weather Advisory in effect from midnight tonight to 9 am CST Thursday...
My Hometown, TX
36.6 °F / 2.6 °C
at 4:06 PM CST

Doctors and Projects

I went to the doctor today and I am 34 weeks and 1 day. He said everything is looking and Parker's heart rate is also good. Around 38 or 38 1/2 weeks we are going to start talking inducing if he hasn't arrived yet because they don't want me to go past my due date at all. That's kind of exciting. I have 6 weeks left til my due date. I am getting pretty excited.

I just wanted to say that I am so glad that I am almost done with school. I hate group projects. I don't understand why all professors think that they are amazing and fun because they aren't. There are always 1 or 2 people that do the entire project while the rest of the group just sits there to look pretty. If you miss class for three weeks and then start showing back up, I don't think that you should get much of a say in a project that is due the following week. It isn't fair to the rest of the group for that one person to come in and try to change everything. We have to include the person though so you ask this person at a group meeting to email you the information they have been supposed to gather since day one that night and when they don't do it? So they haven't really done anything. Do they deserve an A on the project like the rest of the group? Do they deserve a B? C? D? F? If they don't show up on the presentation day and do his part of the "speech" I really think they deserve an F right? But what does everyone else think? Am I being to harsh?

Monday, December 8, 2008

School is Almost Over

So this is it. My last full week of school. Grades are due the morning of the 19th and I walk the morning of the 20th. All I have left:

A group project for Public Speaking Due Thursday
A group project for my Marketing class Due Saturday
Statistics homework and two tests Due by Monday
A History Final and Two short essays Due Sometime This Week and Next
A Public Speaking Final next week

You think I can get it all done? I am stressed, tired, and ready for it to be over. And to be honest I just remembered aout the two short essays...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just a Quick Thought

I just wanted to post a quick thought before I attempt to head off into dreamland. Kevin and Sarah's baby came early (I can't remember how early) and Court and Janelle's baby was early too. I am not sure which but I think one of them was 4 or 5 weeks early. If I keep that family tradition going, I could be having a kid next week. Isn't that crazy. That doesn't give us much time. I have too much school and stuff going on. I hope Parker doesn't make his appearance this early, but I am excited to see him and can't wait to have him here.

Friday, December 5, 2008


So the crib magically appeared back on our registry this afternoon...what are the odds of that now I have the cherry one on there that we really really want and the coffee one on there just in case something mysterious happens to the cherry one


I meant to talk about this earlier but I forgot...

We went to babysrus and target to register a long time ago for all the fun things we want for little Parker. We found a crib that we liked, it was expensive, but we liked it. My mother in law then found a cute crib and the name of it was Parker so we looked online and it was at babysrus too. We wanted it in cherry because Adam likes darker wood better, yadda yadda yadda. So we registered for it. Last night my father in law called to tell us he couldn't find it on the registry. Are you kidding me? Did it get deleted some how?

So I went home and checked and it is completely gone off their website. They still have the dresser and changing table in cherry but not the crib and the crib is the only thing I really wanted. So we registered for the coffee color I think instead. It is still cute, but I really wanted the cherry. We found new bedding on babysrus too that we like. I left the original one on there that I still like a lot. So if you go look at our registry see if you can guess which one Adam likes better and which one I like better.

So I have decided that I post on my blog for myself to get things of my chest, to rant, to rave, to express my emotions (happy, sad, excited, frustrated). I suppose I feel this way because no one really reads my blog anyways right? So it is just a blog for me.

I am so ready for school to be over with. I have a quiz and journal/discussion thing due this weekend. A major group project due Thursday, a major group project due next Saturday, an editing project due the next Monday, Statistics due in there somewhere (and lots of it), and I have 2 finals. One in history and one in my speech class and then I am done. Can you believe it? Only 5 years after I graduated from high school. It's pretty amazing. I hate that it took me forever, but it is because I took a semester off at two different times for a break. I probably wouldn't have gone back if it hadn't been for my parents. They push us so hard and always have. I think I did it for fear of disappointing them.

I am also ready for my little bundle of joy to join our family. I have six 1/2 weeks left until my due date and I am so excited. I have always loved my nieces and nephews and love when they call and ask me if I can go over or when they can come stay with me. Lately I have been too busy for visitors and so has Adam. He says he doesn't want them to spend the night because last time they did, they both ended up in our little queen bed with us. They always slept in my bed when I was single so I guess now they think it is what they get to do. It's fine by me, but Adam doesn't sleep well when they do and then he hates having to wake up early. I am definitely ready for them to come visit me again though.

Well I am done with my lil blog for today. I should be doing homework, but it's too cold and I just want to stay bundled up.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

So here is my Christmas Wish List. Everything is freaking expensive this year, but it is stuff I really want/"need".

-A Chi Straightener (w/gift receipt so when it breaks I only have to pay $15 to fix it. If you get it on ebay, you have to pay like $30 or $40)
-A digital Camera (a must have before the baby comes so that I can capture precious moments in his life and send pictures to all my friends)
-My glider and ottoman (in my baby registry on in the chestnut color) (This could be a baby gift or a Christmas gift. I'm going to have to have a way to rock lil Parker to sleep right? Yes!)
-A MacBook Pro (I love Adam's work one and my computer is lame!)
-Money for a new wardrobe for after little Parker is born. (I am hoping since I have only gained 7 lbs with him that I can work out after he is born and get skinnier than my pre-pregnancy clothes)

That's pretty much it. I'm not counting on any of it actually, but a girl can wish/dream/hope right?!?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's like the good ol' days

Monday night Adam and I went out to dinner with some of my friends that I "grew up" with. They didn't go to my high school (them living 30 minutes away), but we hung out all the time. It wasn't very often people saw one of us without the other two. We had some fun times. So Maren and her husband, Ryan, Amanda and her husband, Kyle, Kari and her husband Matt and me and Adam had a good time. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and they made fun of me a few times since I am so pregnant that I was going to laugh so hard I'd wet my pants since Parker likes to sit on my bladder. Luckily that didn't happen. We are going to get together again real soon I hope. We haven't done anything in a long time and it was definitely something I really needed. A night out on the town with friends and not worrying about school, etc.

Doctor Update

I went to the doctor this morning. I had a stress test. Not the normal kind of stress test. They put a monitor on me for the baby's heart and then put a monitor on me for my contractions. Everything was fine. I told him I didn't feel good about the baby's weight and he said it's okay because he is only in the top 85th percentile and not the 95th percentile. He said if he was in the 95th percentile, then we would start discussing options. I have to start going every week to have the test and starting at 37 weeks, I get to go twice a week. So we'll see how it goes. I am 33 weeks so only a few more to go.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh I just can't wait to be stress-free

Well school related stress free anyways. I have four class days of my speech class left and 2 class days of my editing class left. Only 18 days until I graduate I think. I am getting pretty excited. The editing class hasn't been to bad because Adam is actually in the class with me and he has been my partner for all the editing projects. My speech class is starting to majorly stress me out again...

We have to do interviews on Thursday (to save time we are interviewing him as a group or something I dunno. It's kinda confusing). Tuesday we start presenting our group project which is a restaurant and we have to talk about our budget and I have no idea what else because we haven't seen an example of it yet. So we have to compile a bunch of things into a booklet and we don't really know what it is supposed to look like or anything. I am kinda upset about that because I feel like I am going into this major project only knowing that it is a major part of our grade.

I still have lots of statistics homework to go, but I am working on it slowly (but surely) and am ready to have it done. I wish I hadn't have put it off to the last minute because it is sooo time consuming. But I am a procrastinator and I suppose that is what I do best.

I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm going to ask him how he feels about Parker's weight to see what he wants to do about it. Maybe induce me a few weeks early or maybe and early c-section or perhaps he will say it is still way to soon to decide. When in fact I am 33 weeks and he originally said he didn't want me to go before 38 weeks but not a day after 40 weeks. So if he induces me two weeks early because he is already so big, he might be born on the 6th. That'll be fun right?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Can you Believe it?

I have been meaning to post about this for a while but I keep forgetting. I was driving down the road one day minding my own business (Kari that is for you) when I looked to the right of me and this is what I saw...I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading the sign right. Regular Unleaded Gas $1.66 I haven't seen a price like that in years. It only cost 20 bucks to fill my tank instead of 35. Adam and I were so excited. Maybe the price of diapers will go down too so that everything can be cheap for us. I probably should start stocking up because we only have 7 weeks to go. Kinda crazy that we are already this far along. Considering that we found out at 5 weeks.