Thursday, April 30, 2009

Donations Accepted

This is going to be my first Mother's Day. I really honestly didn't want anything - I just wanted to spend the day with my family, however, I decided that if anyone wants to give/get me anything...

I'll take donations for this...
Or someone can just buy it for me.

We have his crib and bedding, but I don't want him to sleep in his own room without a monitor. So this is the next step... It's called the Summer Day and Night Video Monitor 5" Screen and here is the link for it on Amazon...

I want a video monitor because sometimes babies are just crying to cry and I don't want to have to get up every two seconds to go see what he's doing because I will knowing me because I already look up at him several times during the night. If I have a video, I don't have to get out of bed. I can just look at the monitor and see that everything is okay!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures for Aunt Squirt...and Everyone Else

Adam got on the Wii Last night to weight Parker and according to that, Parker weighs 15.6 lbs. He has gotten to be a big ol' boy. He is starting to fill out in the tummy area, but he is still pretty skinny. He is so long. The blue and yellow outfit in the pictures is 6 months. it fits him lenth wise, but it is a little baggy on him and the feet part is pretty big, but oh well.Here is him sleeping today...Caryn's daughter, Taylor, said that all he does is eat and sleep. He does stay awake most of the day now, but she's right. He's a baby and all he really does is eat and sleep!

We found it on the clearance rack at Target yesterday. I didn't pay attention to the picture honestly when I bought it. I was too excited that I got it for four bucks instead of eight! But when I was showing it to mom, I finally saw the picture. Aunt Squirt said it is a good outfit beacause...It says little squirt!!!

He didn't wear it long tonight though after his bath because while I was looking at something on my camera, he spit up. So we had to change him. Then I noticed the big wet spot next to him on my sheets in the below picture. It went through to the mattress pad. UGH...No good. So we are still awake and the fitted sheet and mattress pad are in the dryer as I type this. They better be almost dry too! I am tired!

Here are a couple videos of little Parker. The first one is from tonight. We tried to get him to do his big laugh, but that wasn't happening. All he would do was talk. Oh well. The second video is from Saturday. Adam put him in the Johnny Jump Up that we are borrowing from Court and Janelle (we borrow everything from them - thanks have been life savers!!!) All he wanted to do was eat it. They sent the toy home for it the other day with mom when she went to visit so now we will have to put him back in it with the toy to see if he still just eats it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Been A While...

We have been very busy and sick in our house this month, so who has had time to blog. Parker Turned three months old on the 13th. I didn't remember to weigh him, but c'est la vie. I did remember a few days later to get Adam to take his picture by his little measuring thing. It looks like he has grown a little bit. Don't you think?

Parker is wearing some 3-6 month clothes and mostly 6-9 month clothes. His torso is so long like his dad's that the 3-6 month onesies are a little tight. However, he has no butt (like his Dad) so 6-9 month pants are too big.

He smiles 90 percent of his awake time (and no its not gas haha).

He had a real laugh last night for Adam. I was sad I didn't get it on Camera. He's been laughing, but not a big huge long laugh like that.

He sticks anything and everything in his mouth. My shirt, finger, nose, arm, sheets, blankets, toys as you can see below...

Court and Janelle have come to our rescue a lot by letting us use their swing for Parker, their bouncy chair, their bumbo (so we have ours at home and theirs at moms), and even their Johnny Jump Up. Adam decided to put him in it yesterday morning and he seemed to like it okay. I love his face in the picture below.
Adam went to his Adfed meet this last week. They didn't do as well as Adam had hoped, but things happen. While he was gone, we packed up and went and stayed with Caryn from Wednesday to Friday. I was so sick the whole time. Not sure what it was, but I never want it again. I got Caryn's youngest kids to come home with me Friday to help with Parker because I was so sick and not feeling good. They were a great help. Thanks Taylor and Tucker!!

Poor thing. When I went over to check on him, this is how he was laying. I quick grabbed the picture and then forgot to adjust him, but Uncle Matt came to the rescue and put his head back up straight.
Mom, Parker and I went to Lufkin two Friday's ago to visit and babysit the kids while they went with friends to an Astros Game. The cousins had fun playing with Parker and really didn't care about too much else. I am glad Parker has little cousins that love him. We were planning on going to see Taylor Clog the next day and Hunter in a TBall game, however we were graced with the presense of a huge rainstorm that did this to mom and dad's backyard... I made mom drive home because I didn't want to have to drive in it and Parker was a little fussy so I ended up in the backseat anyways. But the weather was bad in Lufkin and here at home. Everything was flooded and we were stuck at Mom's a few hours (not like we were going anywhere anyways) because all the roads were flooded.

We had taco salad one night for dinner and this is what mom found on her plate...All the veggies for it were cleaned, so we don't know where it came from, but here you have it.
It's a....Lady Bug!!! Gross Huh!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Parkers First Crawfish Boil

Get ready for picture overload...Saturday we went over to the McCallon's (Adam's second family, Kari's inlaws, my friends, Matt's family) House for a crawfish boil. Megan came in from New Orleans and Heather, Shane and Hannah came in from Austin. It was so much fun to be able to spend time with them and catch up. Because of this, I give you Pictures from Parker's First Crawfish Boil...Shane and Hannah enjoying her "animals". They were snails and rolliepollies!Doesn't that look good? The first batch was weak for Shane...They spiced up the next batch for me!It took forever for the water to boil. However, it is an 80 quart (I think) pot. So obviously it would take a while.Yay! It's boiling!Aunt Squirt and Parker enjoying the sun. Notice Parker's cute sandals that I finally have a picture of!Heather is expecting a little boy in August and just loved Parker. But of course....who doesn't.Megan enjoying a cookie! They were good. I dunno who made them, but when I walked in and saw them, I cheated and ate 2. Shhh don't tell.Parker likes chewing on his hands and fists.Uncle Matt cheesin it for the camera and patiently awaiting crawfish!Here is the group. Matt off on the side, Adam, Kari and Parker, Megan, Heather, and the back of Caleb.
Megan and Heather - I get such great poses of Megan don't you think.And great poses of Aunt Squirt!
Caleb, Adam and ShaneHere's Adam...

We loved being outside for a few hours enjoying good food and friends and family. I got a little sunburnt on my cheeks and nose and I know Shane got burnt, but I dunno if anyone else did. Thanks goodness Parker didn't! I didn't think to pack sunscreen and it was pretty overcast. Bad Mommy.....However, Thanks McCallons for being Adam's second family. I love getting invited to family parties such as these!

This is just a quick video of Parker talking. Sorry for all the talking in the background and for the videoing quality. I was not so good at it the other night.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I know by my title, everyone thinks I am pregnant. However I am not and do not plan to be for quite a while. That is just the topic of my little blog post today...

You know I think it is interesting that when you get married everyone asks,

"when are y'all going to have a baby???"

We would tell everyone we are both still in school and trying to make ends me. We are in no way ready for a baby. Then two months after we were married, I found out I was pregnant. Are you kidding me? So here we now have sweet little Parker in our Life. He is precious and I wouldn't change a thing. We love our little boy and he is the best thing in the world.

However, now that we have him, everyone is once again asking,

"when is it time for another one?"

Are you kidding me. I just had one. He will be three months old Monday. It is not time for another one.

So my question to everyone is...

Why does everyone ask everyone that? Why is it so important for people to know that??? Can anyone help me out on that one??? Does this bother anyone else? Or do I just like to keep some things private and to myself and don't want everyone to know my business???

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Few Videos

Here is a cute video of Parker that I took today while he was happy (which wasn't very long). Sorry that the videoing isn't very good for Parker's Video. It is hard to keep steady sometimes and in one of them we were laying down on the couch together so it was hard to keep the camera on him. Hope you enjoy him smiling and laughing. The first clip is his new trick.

His trick is the beginnings of a somersault or crawling don't you think? Okay maybe just I think so, but I am the mom I am Bias right???

My roommate showed this Video to me a long time ago and I found it on my computer again. It's a Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial. Listen to the little boy...He is hilarious!!!
Here is the link:

Ugh Stinking Bedding

I search about once a week to see if our bedding is back in stock with the mobile that goes with it. Either only one is available or neither and it is so expensive, so I look around to see if we will settle for something else. Mom keeps finding cute ones to show us, but its just not the same...We love the one we originally wanted from BabiesRus. But the more we think about it and look at its price of $139 for the four piece set. We think twice about it...It's Cute right? It's called Mod Pod Pop Monkey
However, its never all in stock, its $139 bucks plus shipping and we just can't afford it and we haven't gotten it as a gift. We found this at Walmart online today and we love it. For the four piece set it is $79.97 which is a lot cheaper :) It is like the bedding that Kari's sister in law (or I can put it like this...Adam's adopted sister - Matt's Sister - My friend - the list goes on and on...don't you feel special Heather that you can be named so many different ways???) However, it is different because it has the brown with it. I love it and Adam loves now we just need to convince someone to get this for us because it's cheaper and maybe since it's cheaper we really will get it right??? It's called Little Bedding by NoJo - Ivy League Argyle Green...It is so cute right?????

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Toy

So I have decided that I love this. I found it online the other day and totally think that someone should get it for sweet little Parker. I wish we could afford it for him, but extra things like this just aren't in the budget. His legs are so much stronger than his arms and they say it's a good way for babies to work out their arms.

The first one is from Target...

The second is from ToysRUs

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Been A While...

So it's been a while since I last updated my blog...Okay maybe a week or two tops, but that's a long time for y'all to go without seeing cute lil Parker huh?!? I know you are all going through withdraws, so without further adieu, I give you Parker!!!Saturday we stayed home waiting for the Dish Network guy to come set up satellite for us. We had Cable and Adam hated it. Holly (my cousin) is letting us borrow her daughter's crib mattress because she doesn't sleep in her crib and we finally got it from Mom's house the other day. So when he fell asleep and we wanted to put him down, we put him in his crib since we were on that end of the house! Isn't he cute. Thanks Aunt Nelwyn for the blanket, Holly for the Mattress and Grandpa and Grandma Haynes for the Crib!!

This is how Daddy and Parker enjoyed conference Sunday Morning. How much do you think they got out of it? :) Adam assures me he was awake!

I was trying to get stuff done the other day and decided to give Parker tummy time and he fell asleep like that. Poor Baby.I didn't want him to sleep like that cause his nose was a little bit buried in the boppy so I flipped him over and let him sleep. Before he fell asleep though he managed to maneuver off the boppy and was completely in front of it with his feet not touching the boppy. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that.

Adam put this picture in black in white and I loved it and wanted to share it with y'all. I really only took this picture to show you my cute new hair cut and highlights from Tiffany (the only person I have let touch my hair in a long long time!) But since it is black and white, you can't see my cute I give you the following picture...I love my highlights. I wanted her to lighten them more this time and they turned out great! Thanks Tiffany for being a great hair dresser!

I was trying to get dressed this morning and Parker didn't want to be laying down. I didn't even think about his bumbo, I just laid Adam's pillows against the headboard and then put Parker's designated pillow on one side of him and my pillow on the other side and made it like a big lounger chair. I left the pillows that way when I picked him up this morning and when Adam got home tonight he put him back in his "chair" and gave him the remote!This picture is cute I think. It is almost like he is saying "Wahoo! They finally are letting me decide what to watch on tv!"