Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wedding Pictures

I won't bore y'all today with anymore pictures. This is a picture Janelle took of us.

My dad and me. I have always been a daddy's girl.
Meredith waiting for the party (reception) to begin.

More Wedding Pictures

Ashlei Wilson, Grumps and Kari waiting to go home.
This is mom forgetting to take off her glasses. They were black they were so dark.
These are more pictures from Janelle's camera that I thought I would post. This one is of me and my parents. Dad and I were being silly if you can't tell. Everyone got along all day it was amazing. I was so proud.

More Shower Pictures

Janelle gave me the cd of all the pictures she has taken through all of our fun times preparing for the wedding and all that are some of her pictures.Grammer, Me, Mom --- This is the generation picture at the shower. I look fat in this picture and dont really like it. I like the one of mom, grammer, and me at the temple better.
My Shower cake---Patti Gross made this cake too. She is amazing!

This is the quilt people got to work on at the shower for us. I love it. Jill Allred Headed up the quilting and she finished the sides up for us. There are some places on the back where the yarn didn't go back through straight and its bubbled a little this is thanks to my 4 year old niece Taylor that wanted to help. Jill said she would have fixed it, but since it was Taylor's doing she would leave it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Allison and Me (she was in young women with me)
Kari doing Mom's Hair
Claire, Tucker, Meredith, Hunter chillin while they were doing my hair.
Jill Allred fixing my dress. It was too big and was driving me crazy.
Sister Dailey serving my cake. She had promised me when I was one of her young women that she would make my wedding cake, but Mom and I decided to let her off the hook just ask her to serve the cake. So she did and I am sooo grateful.

Granny (Adam's Grandma), Adams Dad's Ear (hehe), Amber, and Marie (Adam's Stepmom)
Christopher, President Hayes, Dad
Uncle Andy (mom's brother) and Me
Matt had Hunter on one leg and Tucker on the other. Silly boys
McKenna (Holly's lil girl), Hannah (Heather McCallon Guymons lil girl), Claire (Sarah and Kev's lil one)
Adam, Shawna, Tucker, and Me
Sarah and Claire
Taylor and Hunter grubbing down on the delicious food.
Aunt Kim and Taylor cheezing it.

Jenna, Kari and Lindsay (these are two girls I work with)
The McCallons (Adam's Second Family)
Janelle and Meredith
Uncle Adam and Tucker - Tucker loves Adam
Kari (the coolest little amazing and supportive and honest)
Janelle was fixing my hair and Caryn was doing Tay Tays aren't we cute?
As you can see I was pretty tired of smiling for the cameras everywhere. However, Jacee Tidwell and Debbie Robison did terrific jobs taking our pictures at the temple and the reception.

Cute little Hunter that isn't so little anymore
Kari and our good friend Matt Zimmerman. We graduated seminary and high school together and he was my walking partner at graduation.
Caryn's Cute Family. I am so surprised that they are all looking in the same general direction.
tKari, Matt McCallon (her boyfriend) and Tucker (the stud)
This is my family. Kari, Taylor, Caryn, Justin, Kevin, Sarah, Matt (kari's bf), Claire, Me, Adam, Hunter, Meredith, Tucker, Court, Mom, Janelle, Dad, and Christopher. One big happy family. Not everyone was happy when we asked them to wear light blue shirts and brown pants but mostly everyone did and it turned out way cute.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I love this picture. I think its a perfect ending for me adding pictures from the temple for now.

Okay so these are my mom's parents and they are pretty much the coolest grandparents ever. He makes me waffles, bacon, eggs, and juice pretty much whenever I want and am craving it. They are on a bowling league and he scores well over 200 most of the time. I can barely get 80. Bad I know. She is the best and helps out with whatever however she can. Basically they care the coolest Grammer and Grumps on the planet. (It's not just because they are the only ones either)

If you notice in all these pictures, mom doesn't have glasses on. Why you ask? Mom got these cool hip glasses just in time for the wedding, but they turn into sunglasses in the sun and the sun was so bright, it looked like she had shades on. So we made her take them off. Poor mom forgot every time she took a picture to take them off so our photographer (Sis Robison) kept reminding here. It was kinda funny

I love this picture. Just the three of us chilling. You see, I am the emotional sister, and if they weren't there I would have been so sad. I am so glad they got to come. Hunter was sick earlier in the week with major fever so Caryn wasn't sure if she would make it or not.

Check out those rings. Nice!!!

Taylor was crying because Caryn just told her I didn't live at mom and dads house anymore and she thought she couldn't come see me anymore I guess. Sad day

The family photos. The top is my family with the whole gang. yep thats right those Utah siblings made it down and I was so excited to see them. Kari is like my lil buddy when we get along that is. and then there is Christopher. My second dad. Seriously he is. As long as I can remember when dad is not there and sometimes when he is, he has taken responsibility for us and taken care of us. This is half of adams family. Its missing his older sister and her husband. They couldn't make it.

Hopefully its not too small so you can see all the faces. This is who was in our sealing room with us and their families. It was full and it was hard hugging them all after the sealing. I didn't cry the whole time until my dad came and hugged me and a cried like a lil baby. Oh well life goes on.