Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Update

So I still don't have my camera nearby to post pictures from Christmas, but we did have a wonderful Christmas day and day after with my family.  We got so many great gifts and really appreciate everything from our families.  I promise I will post them!

I had my 34 week checkup today and an ultrasound.  The doc said everything is going great and that the baby seems to be healthy.  According to the ultrasound, the baby is 5 lbs 11 oz, but I don't really believe all that haha.  Looks like Baby Girl Haynes will be here around Feb 4 - (my actual due date is Feb 9th though, but doc said he would take her early!).  We are ready and looking forward to meeting our little girl!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

I don't have the camera by me to upload pictures, but we had a fabulous day with my family visiting and eating.  I really love the holidays and especially love that the month of December has flown by...not really ready for our baby girl, but we are ready!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Children Were Nestled...

...All snug in their bed...

As I was writing the last post, Parker fell asleep on the couch!  He is totally worn out from all the fun tonight and the lack of a nap today!

Christmas Eve...

Adam's family came over tonight for us to do Christmas with them.  I didn't take many pictures tonight of Parker opening gifts because he was sitting in my lap opening them!  Here are a few....

Parker got two shirts from Grandma Soirez, Cars and a Ball from Jennifer, stuffed mickey and a shirt and cars and a Race thing from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeremy,  and a shirt from Aunt Andrea.  He also got  books, santa playing cards, a suit, three movies and a bike from Grandma and Grandpa!  The kid racked up again this year.  It took a long time to get the bike together and then some of the pieces were missing...Not fun!  But have no fear, Grandma and Grandpa are taking care of that for us!

Adam got socks, a flashlight, hot choc set, a wii game, gift card, and cash tonight from his side of the family and I got a candle, coasters, a keepsake box, and my Ralph Lauren perfume!!  We are truly grateful for Adam's family and for the great gifts they got all of us (even though we told them not to get us anything!!)

The pajama tradition still goes on at the Haynes house!  My mom picked out the pajamas for Parker this year and they are so freaking cute.  He matches his other boy cousins!  He insisted on popcorn tonight after his bath!
Caryn found this shirt for me for Adam.  Yes those are Christmas Tree Guitars - It's totally Adam, don't you think??

I love my pjs!  Although I'm too pregnant for the pants Adam picked out for me (he couldn't find any maternity ones that he liked haha) so I had him take them back! 
We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!  I'll post more tomorrow!!

Christmas Tree

We have a huge tree in our yard that started shedding its leaves and our yard was covered!  I went out and raked one evening and when Adam got home from work, he picked them all up for me!

We filled up about 6 or 8 trash bags this size of leaves!
We went and got a Christmas tree the first weekend in December (I think...??) and it went from this...
To this beauty!  Hard to believe it's the same tree eh?

I had sugar cookie dough in the freezer that needed to be used so I decided to make it into Christmas cookies for Adam to take to work....Here are my hideous snowmen - It looks like they have fangs...I was going for a scarf! haha
My ugly gingerbread men...
and my fantastic Stockings and trees!  I think these turned out great! haha

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Parker wants for Christmas...

Parker was being silly the other day and told us that he wanted a puppy.

Adam responded by saying, "you are getting a sister soon and that's like a puppy." 

What have I gotten myself into with these two boys???

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me....

I know there are several people out there that are dying to be pregnant and have children of their own....I feel so bad for them.  Come February, we will be blessed to have Baby #2 enter our lives and we can't be happier.  It makes me sad to think that I have friends and family members that may never experience the joys and pains of pregnancy and having a baby of their very own.

I'm not writing tonight to depress people (someone told me the other day they hate reading my blog because it's depressing...maybe it is...but it's life and how I feel...), I am writing all this down so a few years down the road I remember everything I had to go through....

Every morning before I do anything, I have to take a Ketone Test to see if fats have been passing to the baby.  Then I have to check my blood glucose to see what it is.  They want it between 60 and 80 and I'm usually in the 80s...which is not bad at all, but since I'm pregnant it's considered "high". 

Then I have to eat a breakfast with 2 carbs and a protein and take an insulin shot.

2 hours later I check my sugar again.  They want it under 120, but if it's in the 110's it's considered too high.  I am also supposed to eat a snack consisting of 1 carb and 1 protein.  Did I mention 1 carb is really 15 grams.  So like 50 goldfish, or 13 cheetos, or 3 graham cracker squares (not even 2 whole graham crackers), or 15 animal crackers.  I have to count everything now and measure and weigh my food.  Kind of a pain in the butt!

Then at lunch I get 3 carbs and a protein and have to take another insulin shot.

2 hours later, I check my sugar again and eat another snack.

Then at dinner time, I get 3 carbs and a protein and take another shot.

2 hours later, I check my sugar again and eat another snack consisting of 2 carbs and a protein. (today they told me to eat something like peanut butter crackers - kinda hard when I am only allotted 1 tbsp of peanut butter a day right??, or a turkey sandwich, or an egg salad sandwich, or a grilled cheese sandwich... For reals?  Who wants to eat that much at night right before bed?

With that snack I have to take another insulin shot.

Taking shots 4 times a day isn't as much a pain in the butt as watching the clock for the two hour mark to check my sugar after all three meals.

It's also a pain to email my numbers and everything I eat in to the Nurse every 4 days and to go every week.  I drive 30-45 minutes for a 5 minute visit with a nutritionist...that all I do is reshow them my numbers and what I ate.  Oh and they want to see my meter so they can check my numbers because I could be lying on the chart and they want to make sure I'm not...Why would I do that?  I'm honest and tell them when it's over what it should be...then I also tell them why...I ate 4 carbs that night instead of 3... etc.

It has made life difficult to measure out food, only eat a certain amount at a certain time, and check my sugar at very inconvenient times. 

I am enjoying being pregnant and feeling our baby girl kick and beat the heck out of me.  But I am tired of all of this crap that I am having to do.  I realize it's for the baby to be healthy, but this is something that I do not wish on anyone....

I went to a different diabetes doctor with Parker and now that I've done both roads, I feel if I get pregnant a third time, I shouldn't have to go to one of them.  My OB/GYN should just write me a prescription for the insulin and I can decide for myself how much to give me.

Oh yeah on a side note - this week they upped all of my units of insulin by 2 units.  It's not because my numbers are high, it's because they want the numbers to stay the way they are.  For reals?  I don't think that's good to just give someone insulin because you feel like it!  Give me more if my numbers show I need it...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Geezer's Bed

We went to my parent's house last night to hang out and help mom get a few things done and right before we left, we had gone into their room to get something and Parker climbed up on their bed, laid down on Geezer's pillow and got under the covers.  It was so funny and too cute!

Gingerbread House 2010

We decorated a gingerbread house last week when we were with Caryn and her kids...
When I say we, I really mean me...
Watch Parker in the pictures....

So tired...

He was so tired that he grabbed Hunter's arm and used it for a pillow and fell asleep.  It was so funny!  Poor kid!

So Tired!

I was in Lufkin a few days last week visiting with my sister.  Parker always talks about Tay-Tay, Tucker and Tucker (haha - for some reason he can't say Hunter and calls them both Tucker!) and so it was time for a visit!  We headed to Hobby Lobby to get some fleece for my mom and Parker had fallen asleep in the car on the way.  I carried him into the store and as we were walking around, he started getting heavier and heavier.  I tried to put him down to walk and he almost collapsed to the floor because he was so asleep and wouldn't wake up.  I picked him up and put him in an empty basket I found close to us and he couldn't get comfy so he cried.  I picked him back up and told Caryn she was going to have to take her turn because he was just too heavy.  After we got all the fleece cut, we put some in the bottom of the basket and then used another piece for his pillow.  When we went to check out, I just handed the cashier the piece of paper telling her what to charge us for the fleece, because I wasn't picking him back up! haha

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And so it begins...

I went to my gestational diabetes appointment yesterday.  Let me just tell you - after having gone through it all with Parker, I felt like it was a total waste of my time.  I didn't learn anything new except I check my sugar at different times than I did with Parker, I take different insulin, and I have to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks.  Last time it was 3 meals and 1 snack. 

At each meal I have to eat so many carbs, meats and fats.  Breakfast is 2 carbs (15 g is 1 carb) snack is 1 carb, lunch is 3 carbs, snack 1 carb, dinner 3 carbs, snack 2 carbs.  That's not counting all the meats, fats, and veggies I have to add to it.  That is a lot more food than I've been eating. 

I'm not looking forward to being on a set schedule either.  I have to check my sugar at certain times and take my shots at certain times and eat at certain times....I have been waking up about 9, eating about 10 or 11 and then a small snack or small lunch around 2 or so and then I'll eat dinner when Adam gets home...

No more sweets or anything like that - which kind of bites because I've been craving Twizzlers pull n peel this pregnancy.  I did it before I suppose I can do it again.  Luckily, I only have 9 weeks until the baby comes because of my scheduled c-sec! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Isn't that the only thing Frosty ever said when he came to life each time???

We'll this isn't about anyone's birthday.  I just thought I would be totally random like always!

This is actually about our crazy, fun Thanksgiving!  haha

Wednesday I woke up early and called the doctor's office to get the results of my glucose test and they said they hadn't gotten them yet and probably wouldn't get them until after thanksgiving...what?? I can't wait that long to know!  So I went on with my day.  We headed to moms and I started making fudge.  Then I got the phone call from the nurse saying that It was abnormal and that I would probably have to do insulin.  My numbers were 95 at fasting, 189 after the first hour (supposed to be under 180), 160 after the second hour (supposed to be under 155) and then my three hour number was 134 (supposed to be under 145 according to charts online and 140 according to my doctor). 

I'm feeling that 9 pts over, 5 pts over and then 6 pts under isn't so bad right?!?  Well I go to a specialist this week to see what she says and if I have to go on shots again.  Apparently my numbers with Parker were a lot worse so I'm thankful for the somewhat decent numbers this time. 

Then I finished making the fudge.  I had to make a batch with nuts for everyone and then a batch without for Kari!  I also made the cornbread for the dressing.  Then we headed to Buna to spend time with Adam's family for the evening.  On the way home, Parker got car sick and barfed in the car.  Not fun at all!!

Thursday Morning Adam got up at 5:00 to go find a newspaper so I could see all the good deals for Black Friday - He ended up in Beaumont looking and didn't get home until about 6.  What a great husband! haha  (he got me 3 even!) 

I made breakfast pull aparts for breakfast and we headed to Mom's.  Kari and Matt were there peeling the potatoes and then Kari and I started cutting them.  I cut so many potatoes that I got a blister - total we had 20 lbs of potatoes for the 22 or 24 of us that were at mom's house.  There were tons leftover!  haha

Adam took Parker to see Tangled at 7 that night with Kari, Matt, Taylor and Claire.  I hear Parker wasn't a huge fan of the movie and Claire wasn't a huge fan of the theater not having chocolate milk! haha

At 10:00pm Caryn, Mom, Sarah and I headed out to score some deals.  We went to ToysRUs first and the line was wrapped around the building and it was raining.  We decided there was no way we wanted to wait in that and so we headed to Walmart.  Caryn and Sarah were looking for a few things and they were in line for one of them by like 10:45pm (they couldn't get what they wanted until 5am, but they were #s 2 and 3 in line!). 

Mom and I rummaged while they were in line and kept going to find things.  At 1:30 we headed to Kohls to get in their line!  We had to wait outside in the cold drizzling rain for an hour and a half.  We went in and I scored a crock pot (finally - mine has been broken a year) for cheaps!  Did I mention that we walked across the street to Kohls because we had such a good spot at Walmart and feared that we would end up parking back at Walmart for Kohls anyways because we figured their parking lot would be so full.  So we had to walk back across the street with our goods and blankets!  Which meant we had to cross the steep ditch - doing that 7 months pregnant isn't easy! haha  Mom had to cross first, put her stuff down and then come back to get mine so I didn't have full arms to attempt it again!

Caryn and Sarah were still in line when we got back at 3:30.  We went and checked out there for them so that all we had to do was check out with the thing they were in line for at 5.  At ten minutes to five some people yelled from the back of the line that people were cutting and it wasn't fair.  The walmart worker that was guarding the goods said who is cutting and they said the pregnant lady in the front of the line.  They were talking about me!  I turned around and said that I wasn't even getting one and not to worry.  But the Hispanic Guy in front of us that we were talking to from 10:45 turned around and said that I had been there all night since 10:45 and if they had a problem he would take it outside.  He also told them you see that she is pregnant she probably had to go pee like all pregnant people have to do, etc.  He went on for several minutes telling them what was up!  It was so funny! 

Then we headed back to ToysRUs and then to Target!  We got home finally at 8:30am Friday morning and we took a short nap.  Adam and Parker showed up and we all went to lunch (Caryn, Taylor, Mom, Kevin, Sarah, Claire, Lindon, Adam, Parker and me!).  Then we headed out for more shopping.  We went to Lowes and to the mall!

We got back about 5 I suppose and then mom got dinner ready for a family from her ward that had just gotten home from the hospital and then we all ate.  I headed back to Target to get Door Safety Things because Parker can open doors now and I don't want him going in the bathroom down the hall.  Sarah went with me and we got in and out pretty fast!  I even found Parker some cute pjs for $7 so that we could bathe him when I got home.  Without a nap all day, I knew he would fall asleep on the way home!

We helped mom put food away and cleaned up the kitchen a little and then we headed home.  Parker was asleep before we were out of Port Neches!  When we got home I cleaned my car out with all the loot from the day and all the trash - My car was so full of crap!  Now it's totally cleaned out and my trunk is empty!  So excited!  I love when it's like that!  Now I just need to vacuum it out! 

I also started a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and living room.  I figured since I still had the little bit of energy that I had, I wanted to get things cleaned up so that when I woke up in the morning my house would look decent!  I also showered and dried my hair.  I was finally in bed about midnight!  So after getting up at 5 Thursday and only taking a short nap that day (from 8-9am to be exact) and then staying up all night and sleeping from about (9am-12pm) and then still up at midnight, I'd say I didn't pretty okay.  Luckily Parker slept in this morning and I got to sleep until 10. 

Parker did wake up in the night for some reason crying for me and I'm not sure why, but Adam went and got him for me so I could sleep!  I'm one lucky lady!!! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Waiting Begins

I took my 3 hour glucose test yesterday and I just called and they supposedly don't have the results yet.  I mean they for reals might not.  But the tech did tell me that the lab is open 24 hours and the doctor's office gets the results the next day.  Last week after the one hour test I got a call the next day at 8:40 am.  I just really want to know - I don't like secrets or surprises.  Just tell me.  UGH!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My cutie!

This was taken Wednesday night after my Grandpa's Funeral at my parents house - Parker stole the bag of Cheetos off the table and was carrying the bag around. Luckily Uncle Christopher saved the day and stole the bag from him so he wouldn't sit there and eat the whole thing!!

I really want to win...


from the blog, Tatertots and Jello :)

Maybe I will get lucky and win one!  I was looking at them the other day and really really really want one!! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It has been a crazy week to say the least.  We found out Saturday morning that my Grandfather passed away.  We have spent the majority of the week with my family.  It was good to see aunts, uncles and cousins that I haven't seen in years.  It was also great that Court and Crick were able to fly in to be with us (even though they had to make crazy sacrifices - one had to fly from utah to houston to austin and drive the four hours because it was cheaper to do that and the other had to fly from chicago to houston to lake charles because it was the cheaper way as well).  My sister and her three kids came down and stayed at my house and it was so good to spend time with them before they move even further away. 

At the funeral, I cried.  I'm not really sure.  I don't really feel like it was the sadness - I'm not sure what it was - a few tears were dropped as the Eulogy was being given and then several tears were shed as my brother talked about Christ and how we can all return to be with him one day.  This particular brother showed more emotion than I was ever expecting.  He's the tough guy, never sick, lets things roll off his back, but I could see that he was getting a little emotional. 

In the middle of all of this, I had my Gestational test.  It's hard to believe I'm 28 weeks.  The range is 65-139 and my number that the test got was 162.  A little high, but not as high as my personal meter got - I checked it right before and right after they took my blood.  One reading I got was 196 and the other was 193.  Good to know that my meter is still a good 30 points off.  (do you sense the sarcasm??)

I now get to do the three hour test which I am not looking forward to, but I'll do whatever I have to do to keep this baby healthy. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Laundry Helper

Usually when I start a load of laundry I tell Parker to go get his dirty clothes out of his room and he will go get them and put them in the washer.  Well on Thursday of last week, he heard the washer start and while I was in our room gathering up what I wanted to put in the washer, Parker was already gathering up his clothes and tossing them in the washer.  I didn't even tell him to go get his clothes - haha he's so silly sometimes!

I'm glad that I was going to tell him to get his dirty clothes for that particular load anyways.

Nap Time

Parker was up so early this morning (well early for us haha - 7:30ish)  so I put him down for a nap around 12:30 or so.  He was in his room crying for his daddy.  I felt bad because he's teething again and as had a runny nose all day so I went in his room and got him and he sat on the couch for a few minutes and then went to his room to play.  It got really quiet back there and I went and checked in the camera and he was in his bed asleep.

Yep that's right.  Parker shut his door and got in bed and put himself down for a nap.  Poor kid hasn't felt good all day. Hopefully the rest of his teeth come in soon so we will be past this!!  He has all a molar in each corner of his mouth and he's cutting the teeth in between those and his front teeth.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Adam was helping Parker pray tonight and part of it went a little something like this -

Adam: "Thank You"
Parker: "Thank You"
A: "For Mommy and Daddy"
P: "Mommy, Daddy"
A: "Poppa and Grandma"
P: "Poppa, Mam-maw"
A: "Awna D and Geezer"
P: "D, Zer"
A: "and Everyone else"
P: "Tay-Tay"

It was too cute - he loves his cousin Tay Tay...

He has been asking to color with her all day!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Do You Know...

...How much I absolutely love Amazon????

Did you know they have a baby registry on there?

Well guess what, I made a list for the baby and everything is a little cheaper than everywhere else!!

How freaking cool is that???

Check out the registry here

I welcome any of you to go ahead and order something for the baby!  It's never too early to start sending us gifts!! :)

I especially want the bedding and everything that matches it and the car seat. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Hair Cut

Parker was getting a major mullet and my hair lady usually cuts his hair for me when I go to get mine done, but I haven't been in a while (and missed my last appt - it was at like 11 and I realized at 11:30 that I was supposed to be there -- hadn't showered or anything and had a 10 minute drive --- I'm still sorry Tiff!).  So Saturday we decided to take Parker to Comedy Cuts to get it cut - I am not brave enough to do it myself!

Look how short it is -- he def doesn't look like my lil boy anymore - he looks like a big boy!  He's growing up way to fast!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've been totally lazy.  Haven't done much.  I do the laundry when it's absolutely necessary.  I do the dishes every day because I don't want to give an invitation to any critters or rodents to move in.  I hate cleaning the bathrooms, so I only do it when absolutely necessary. 

However, today I've been in cleaning mode. 
1.  Cleaned shower in Master Bath - I never use that shower so I didn't realize how gross it had gotten.  It's nice and clean now!
2.  Cleaned toilet in Master Bath
3.  Cleaned shower in Hall Bath - I use the one down the hall because the one in the Master Bath makes me fell claustrophobic.  You see it's one of those itty bitty closet showers and I can't stand those!  It's needed it for a few days now, but I haven't really felt like it.  But it's totally clean now!
4.  Cleaned toilet in Hall Bath
5.  Washed 1 load of darks and 2 loads of towels - I don't mind doing a load of laundry because it makes me feel like I can say I've done something that day other than be a total bum and sit on my butt watching tv! 
6.  Put away both loads of laundry that have come out of the dryer.
7.  Had dinner ready when the husband walked in - major accomplishment for me - that's 2 days in a row!
8. Loaded, unloaded and reloaded dishwasher with dinner dishes
9.  Organized the top of Adam's Closet
10.  Sorted through Parker's baby clothes and pulled out clothes for the new baby and clothes for a family friend.
11.  Sorted through a bucket of crap and thrown half of the crap away - because I hate keeping stuff we don't need.  Adam likes keeping "cool" things and I always throw everything away because I hate clutter and crap every where!

Now I am totally exhausted and need a nap.  I did manage to get a bath today as well so that is an accomplishment right?

Christmas Wish List

Here are a few things we are wanting...

He loves Donald Duck and we have to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1000 times a day.  It would be nice to have it on dvd for him so he could watch it in his room.

He loves this movie - I think it's because of all of the music!
We got this yesterday via Netflix and Parker sat there and watched almost the whole thing.
He still loves Handy Manny!
Every time he sees this in the store or the commercial he stops and watches.  He gets mad when we walk away from the display box in the store.
I have several other things on Parker's Amazon Wish List.


I got this as a sample in the store one day and I love it!
I really really want this.
This would be great to have when Parker spills things on the floor so I don't have to get out the huge vacuum.
I need a new camera - Mine hasn't been working right and the pictures are coming out fuzzy - It would be great to have this one!!

I also want a GMC Terrain or a Mazda Tribute because my car is too little for two car seats.  But I can't afford the bill, someone want to buy it for me???

The rest is on my Amazon Wish List

My newest Love...

They are so freaking AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Halloween Pics

Parker and Aunt Andrea

Us on Halloween Night - I couldn't just wear my costume once after it took like 8 hours to make!! haha

I absolutely love it!

We were sitting outside handing out candy and Parker was having fun helping.  While we were eating, he fell asleep eating his hot dog - Poor kid was worn out before 8 pm!

The Cake Parker won in the Cake Walk at the Trunk or Treat