Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming and Slacking

Aunt Andrea bought this cute little floaty for Parker. He loved it, however, it sits him down so low that he leans forward and drinks the water - luckily we had his star floaty in the car and put him in that. Hopefully we can use this one one day!!
We love the new pool that Adam's Dad and Step Mom bought for us! Marie told John that I wouldn't come visit this summer unless they got a pool and I kept picking on them about it and they got one! WE LOVE IT!!! It's a round above ground pool that the pool people put in the ground and put a sidewalk all the way around it. The hole between the pool and sidewalk will eventually have small white rock or something in there - they had to leave a gap in case one day they have to change out the liner or whatever.

This is what happens when you stay in a pool for two hours. I think Parker's whole body was a prune!
Do you see Parker's red eye? The one on the right in this photo. Our sweet baby boy has learned how to stand up the past few weeks and falls because he tries to be brave and lets go. He fell on something and make his eye red. Poor Boy. It hasn't stopped him though. After we got him to stop crying and put him back down to play, what does he do...gets right back up and stands up again.
Here is a bigger picture of Parker's play mat. Aunt Squirt came over one day and she had fun (I think?!?) rearranging everything so two colors weren't next to each other. Thanks Kari! Now we need to get it to where there aren't two letters or numbers together. Perhaps spell something - but Parker's name is out of the question because there is only one of each letter. As long as he falls on this when he is being adventurous he doesn't cry (most of the time anyways). It has been a great investment so far!


Thanks to this wonderful invention, we have a room to ourselves again. I know what you're thinking he is six months old he should have been in his own room in his crib a long time ago. However, the ac in his room didn't work so well and we didn't have a monitor. Thanks to Uncle Court - we have a better air conditioner and thanks to Amazon - we got this sucker cheaper than we would at Target or Walmart!!
I promise you I don't put him in the corner of his bed. However, this is where he ends up within minutes of us laying him down! He loves his monkey thanks to Awna D!

I loved this clock in the store and had to buy it! Adam hung it up on our wall shortly after we were married...look closely at the pictures - they aren't of us! We have yet to put pictures of us in there. Isn't it a cute clock though? Maybe one day we will get our act together and put pictures in it.

Do you see something missing from the above picture?
A letter perhaps -
Here it is on top of our tv. Funny story actually. It was the night before my college graduation, and both of our family's Christmas Parties. I was stressing trying to make a cute gift for Adam's family party - I wanted it to say family but Hobby Lobby didn't have all the letters so I had it say Home instead. I left it out at moms house and ran home for a minute and Matt was trying to do me a favor by moving it so it wouldn't get broken and dropped the M on the floor and it snapped in half. Being the amazing brother in law that he his he jumped in his car and was headed to Beaumont (30 minutes away) to buy me another M. He called explaining what he was doing - I was in tears from stress and frustration. I told him I would just take the M off my wall and fix it up. So that's what I did. We ripped the paper off of mine and put the new paper on and it was as good as new. I don't think my gift went over well at the party (they do a secret gift exchange - you don't know who its from and you can steal a gift or open a new one - you know the game). Anyways. My sister made me a new M and do you see where it sits...that's right on top of our tv. Along with the H that fell off the wall. We have yet to hang both back up. You can see the frame things are even right there for us to put on the backs to hang them up. Slackers!!!
And this puppy....Well this is Adam's one touch to the living room. It's a great conversation starter when new people come over.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The 4th, Swimming, Cousins and More!

We enjoyed the 4th of July. We stayed at home almost all day - went to dinner and then headed to Vidor to watch fireworks with some of my family. It was hard taking pictures of the fireworks. You had to time it just right - I just kept pushing the button hoping some would turn out!
Holly was gracious enough to bring a chair for Paker! And held him in it the whole time and even bathed him for me when we went back to Grammers! She is a life saver and hero! Can you tell on McKenna's Face it was hot??? (Grammer let me know if Holly doesn't want this on here and I'll take it off)

Parker loved the fireworks for the most part. He loved looking up and watching it. You can see Holly holding onto him in the picture and Justin in the background - he's a family friend! :)

We go swimming a lot with some friends of ours and we got tired of carrying Parker around in the pool, so we got him this cute little floatie! He loves it or at least likes to chew on it!

Grammer - Let me know if Holly doesn't want this picture on here and I'll take it off!
My cousin's little girl, McKenna, loves Parker. My grandma tells me at times that she wakes up in the morning saying "I love Parker." She tells me I can't leave when I bring him to visit because she wants Parker to stay forever! She is precious.
Caryn came down last Thursday for a visit! I love when I get to spend time with my sister. I met her in Beaumont and we shopped a bit and then went to Chuck E Cheese (thanks Johnson Family) for dinner and fun. We tried hard to keep the kiddos entertained. She had to leave Saturday night and the kids stayed with me until yesterday afternoon. It was hard trying to keep a 7 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and a 6 month old entertained! I don't know if I want 4 kids. It was so hard!

Taylor was very helpful all week with Parker. She would feed him, give him his paci, carry him around, pick him up when he fell over, she was like a little mom and it was nice to have a break!

Tucker was in a good mood most of the time he was with us - he couldn't make it through the week without getting hurt though (he fell and cut his knee open on the air vent - sad day - all is well and it's not that bad). He was a joy to be around and loved helping with Parker (and beating Parker up!)

Hunter is a 7 year old boy...need I say more? He loves to beat up on Taylor and Tucker even when you tell him to stop. If you don't count the number of times I got onto him for this, he was a perfect angel.Parker liked plying too!
We all went to the Mall on Friday and saw Caryn's sister-in-law and her two kids. They had balloons and she said they were from Chick-fil-a (sp?). Caryn's kids wanted balloons too so we walked over there. They said it was National Cow Day and that if you wore a hat, you got a free entree. We told them when Mom got there we would come back and eat lunch and they told us you better grab a hat because when they are gone they're gone! So we grabbed enough for all of us. We ate so Cheap it was fun! (I didn't wear my hat though...I just held it...I know I'm a bum!)

Mom bought this cool water thing at Target for the kids to play with. It says its for kids up to 12 years old and up to 110 lbs I think. You see that dolphin or shark Taylor is sitting on, it is now detached...You see that pink and yellow thing Hunter is standing on, it now has tape on it so it will work. There is a slide that goes to the right of Hunter and they got a little carried away with it - hence the broken parts! Mom ended up blowing up the pool for them and letting Meredith play on that.

Parker loved it though!

Parker is surely growing fast - hard to believe it was six months ago on Monday that I was in surgery with a C-Section and he was born.
Do you like Parker's new play mat (it is currently our living room rug because that is where Parker plays!)

Parker's 6th month appointment isn't until 2 days before his 7 month birthday thanks to the dang pedi office. Love the doc - dislike some of the staff!

Parker can...
-do push ups
-sit up until he sees something he wants and lunges for it
-sit up by himself in your lap
-stand up by pulling himself up
-eat baby food now - we started him on carrots this week - he loves them
-make us smile and laugh
-splash Adam like crazy when he gives him a bath

Right now Parker has been a Daddy's boy and cries when he leaves the room and gets mad when he walks in and doesn't go straight to him to say hello.

He loves Uncle Matt - maybe because he is so much like Adam - minus the hair color!

He loves his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and loves to play - he will be sad today when all he gets is Mommy with all the cousins gone.

He gets into everything - it's way past time to baby proof the house!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day

I haven't felt like posting in a while. So here is what we have been up to...

We went swimming with our friends - Maren, Ryan and Braydon

and Parker loved every minute of it. He kept splashing the heck out of me and the chlorine was bothering my contacts - hence the horrible face I am making!

The Saturday before Father's Day, Parker and I got up and left without waking Adam or telling him where we were going to let him sleep in and to get his Father's Day gifts. He had gotten the Tiger Wood's Golf Game for the Wii the previous weekend and it only came with one of the motion detection things so we got him another one of those so that two people could play at once and we bought him candy for a candy gram and found him a card. Dear "Mr. Goodbar" (Daddy),
We wanted to take you to New "York" and walk along "5th Avenue". But since it's not "Payday", we thought about a "Tie Tac". I loved our day to "Splash" in the pool without any "Butterfingers". You "skor" with me especially when you change "Mounds" of diapers. Be"twix" Mom and Me you're "special". You're a "sweattart" of a dad! You're worth "100 Grand"! I love the "symphony" of music you've made fo me! I love you to "pieces"!
Love "Munch" (Parker)
"snickers" haha
Those are Parker's actual footprints. It was hard to keep him still for Kari to trace them for me. It says love munch because I have always called Adam buttmunch and when parker was born he started calling him just munch. Pretty clever of him eh? I was excited to see there was a candy bar called Munch.
Parker wanted the candy all to himself.Adam and Parker on Father's Day

Here is the video of Adam reading everything and opening his gifts. Mom will croak when she sees this because she is in the video, but I didn't want to cut anything out!

This is the front of the card we bought him.
The inside of the card.
And the lyrics to the song: after you read the lyrics, you should go play the video and listen again. It is so much easier to understand when you know what they are saying!

Then on Wednesday we went to Lufkin to visit Caryn's Family and Court's Family. Sunday the 28th was Hunter's birthday and we wanted to spend a little bit of time with him for that. Uncle Adam picked out Lego's Star Wars for him for the Wii. He loved it! Thursday we played putt putt and Adam left Thursday night at 8 o'clock with Court to head to mom's to put in a new hot water heater. (They didn't finish until 1 or 2 since they didn't get to mom's until about 10 or 10:30.) Adam went to work on Friday and Parker and I stayed in Lufkin. I went with my sister, sister in law and a great friend to see The Proposal Friday night (amazing show - hilarious - I think even boyfriends or husbands would like it) and Court watched Parker for me. (Sorry no pictures from our fun time.)

Then Sunday after Awna D and Geezer got back from Lufkin to see Hunter, Awna D shared a blue Popsicle with Parker. He loved it! Can you tell?!?