Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After I have the Baby, This is What I Want....

- Great American Cookie Cake Slice
- Chocolate Covered Strawberries
- Cake Balls
- Peanut Butter Balls
- Toffee
- Twizzlers Pull N Peel
- Peanut M&Ms
- Sonic Lemon Slush w/o the Rind
- Hot Fudge Shake
- Grumps Waffles or Pancakes
- Ghirardelli Milk and Carmel Squares
- Real Hot Chocolate with Lots of Marshmallows or Cream
- Brownie with Ice Cream and Hot Fudge
- French Toast
- Cinnamon Rolls
- Cinnamon King Cake
- Banana Nut Muffin
- Sugary Cereal
- Orange Juice
- Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Is that enough of a list? haha  (I know there is more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head!)

I don't want it all at one time or tons of one thing...just a few bites of each one would suffice!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Notes for Myself

January 3 - We finally decided on a name for our little girl - Riglee Madalyn

I'm sure she will probably get made fun of and asked what flavor of gum she is supposed to be or why her parents would name her after a baseball field etc.  Honestly - Adam made the name up.  I was at Time Out for Women with my sister and Adam called me and said that he was watching Friday Night Lights I believe and he heard one of the guy's name and from there made up Riglee.  I was skeptical at first, but it really has grown on me and I kinda like it now.  There were so many ways to spell it, but for some reason I keep going back to this one!
I picked out Madalyn.  After looking at thousands of girl names, this one just stuck.

We made a list the other night of the words Parker can say and we are up to 145 - the doctor said he should be able to say at least 50 so I think we are good!  He's a smart kid and copies everything we say.  So we have to watch what we say and watch around him! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Year Check Up

Parker had his two year check up this afternoon.  Doctor said he is growing fine, just skinny!  He is now 28 lbs and I think 34 1/2 inches tall (though I could be remembering wrong).  He had to have routine lab work done today to check for anemia etc.  While we were sitting outside waiting for our turn to get his lab work done, there was a little girl in there getting hers done.  She was screaming, crying for her dad (that wasn't there) and even coughed from crying so much.  Parker was sitting with me out in the foyer and every time she yelled for her dad, Parker copied her.  When she coughed he fake coughed.  While she was crying, he pretended to cry.  It was so funny, and it was hard to tell him that it wasn't nice while I was laughing at him! 

He really is related to his Aunt Kari (Aunt Kia - if you ask Parker)!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Parker's 2nd Birthday

We had a small family party at my parent's house for Parker's 2nd Birthday on Saturday.  Parker isn't a fan of sweets and Adam isn't a fan of cake, so we got a cookie!  Here is a video of him blowing out the candles, opening a gift (he kept tearing the tissue paper when he would take it out of the bag - then when he pulled a toy out, he would run off with it and we'd have to get him to come back to open more gifts haha) and then him blowing out candles on his real birthday. 

We are so grateful for the family that came and supported Parker Lil Buddy for his 2nd Birthday!

He got a toy story duffel bag and back pack from Holly, Kenna, Grammer and Grumps.
Books from Darrellyn.
Cars that shake and go from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeremy.
A rockem sockem (is that what they are called??) from Uncle Kev, Aunt Sarah, Claire and Lindon.
A monkey in a banana car that shakes and goes from Awna D and Geezer.
Clothes from Poppa and Mammaw...I can't remember if there was more in the bag or not (sorry!!).
Swords, a robot, and a transformers mask and outfit from Adam and Me.
Did I leave anyone or anything out?  If I did I apologize!

Thanks everyone for coming to the party and celebrating with us and for the gifts!  We really appreciate it!

Special Thanks to Gamma Jill and Gampa Gene for the Balloons! :)  All the kids loved playing with them!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling Accomplished or Something Like That...

I love having a productive day and actually getting things done off my to-do list!  I haven't had a productive day in a long time because I've been so tired and lazy and haven't felt like doing anything...

I guess because the baby will be here in less than a month, I'm nesting or attempting to anyways.

I've gone through several buckets (that I never unpacked when we moved) and thrown a lot of stuff away that we don't need, don't use, it's broken, etc.

I've gone through my clothes and Adam's trying to get rid of clothes we don't wear anymore.  (I didn't get rid of any of my pre-pregnancy clothes yet though because who knows what will fit and what I will wear when I am back to normal.  (Though I have only gained 4 lbs so far this pregnancy total!! - I've lost some and gained some but as of right now I am 4 lbs more than I was at my first ob appointment!!)

I started cutting up all the t-shirts we don't wear to make another t-shirt quilt.  It seems that's the best way to save old t-shirts you don't want to get rid of due to sentimental value etc.  We have tons!  I made one for me back in High School and started one for my little sister that same year - I finally finished her's and gave it to her for Christmas!  I have all of the sleeves and collars and backs that I'm not using cut off.  I just have to square them up and put it all together!  Hopefully one day soon!  I still have a few more shirts to cut up - but I have to wait for Adam's approval since they are his.  Some of his I knew I could cut up...others I'm not so sure of!

I've cleaned the big portion of our bathroom which consists of the garden tub, 2 counters, the sink, and 4 mirrors!  I only have the closet shower, toilet and floor to go.  I needed a break after bending and all that jazz.  I told Adam that starting tonight he will have to start showering in the hall bathroom because that's where I shower (it's a bigger shower - not a tiny closet or stand shower or whatever you want to call it) and I don't want to have to scrub two showers again before the baby comes!  Haha I'm a mean wife!  Parker just might have to start taking his baths in there as well so that I don't have to clean that huge garden tub again for a while - I have decided that I don't think they are worth it! haha

Looking at the list I suppose it doesn't look like much, but it's more than I've done in one day in a long time it seems! :)

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas Day!
Santa brought Adam and Parker a lot of things for their stocking - yummy candy, a mickey mouse camera and Adam got an airplane launcher. 

Parker really likes his Chair Santa brought him!
He was more interested in the Goldfish from his stocking than opening presents!

Parker got - a Cars Chair, Epic Mickey Wii Game (thanks Santa), books, a puzzle, leap frog tag jr reader, and a color wonder sound thing.
Adam got - frames for his records (he is apparently still short a few), a blueray player (thanks santa), a cover for the back of his phone, and a protector for the front of his phone
I got - a dancing wii game, the mat for it and a new movie! 
We headed to mom's to eat and enjoy Christmas with my grandparents and cousins

Then on Sunday after church, we headed back down for our sibling Christmas.  Caryn and Justin came to town and we enjoyed spending time and sharing our gifts for each other!

Can you tell Santa brought these two Nintendo DS
Parker sat in Aunt Kia's lap to open presents.  For some reason he can't say Kari and calls her Kia - it's so funny.  At least he doesn't call her Matt anymore!
Uncle Crick got him nerf balls and he was so excited!  He wanted them open right then!

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Kev got him a book for his leap frog tag jr reader, they got the baby a cute outfit and us cute stocking holders!

Mom and dad got us all gift cards (that are all greatly appreciated), Parker a color wonder Mickey Mouse picture and a sock monkey jack in the box!  it's soo cute!  They got the baby a cute outfit, I got jewelry and they got Adam a new car charger for his phone.  They had a stocking bag for each of us stuffed with goods!  We greatly appreciate everything from everyone and love everything!!  It was so much fun and I can't wait until we are all back together again as a family - looks like we might all be together for Riglee Madalyn's baby blessing if Christopher and Court, Janelle and Meredith can come!  We haven't all been together since July for Hunter's baptism.  It's hard to get such a big family together.

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe 2010 is over and 2011 has already begun!  As I look back at last year, we were soo busy -
January - Parker turned 1
February - We had tons of family in town and I mean tons - There was never a dull moment!
March - We took Caryn's Kids to Red Bud and we went with Janelle and Meredith to the State Fair
April - The Easter Bunny visited and we (Adam) helped Aunt Kia and Uncle Matt move
May - We had Mother's Day, went to a Lamar Baseball game for FREE, and went swimming at Poppa and Mammaws!
June - We swam some more and went to Lufkin for a Crawfish boil and our nephew got hit by a car at said crawfish boil
July - We moves, My nephew was baptized, and We announced that we were having baby #2
August - Parker started sleeping in a toddler bed
September - We went to the First Lamar Home Football Game, I melted a cutting board in the oven, I attempted to potty train Parker, and Parker cut more teeth
October - We went to another Lamar Football game, a pumpkin patch with great friends, carved pumpkins, I went to Time Out For Women with my sister, found out we were having a girl, went to two trunk or treats and helped give out candy on Halloween at Poppa's house
November - Parker started saying prayers with someone's help, Parker cut more teeth, My grandpa died, I found out I had Gestational Diabetes again, and we had a fun, but crazy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!
December - I stated taking insulin, we made gingerbread houses with the McCabe family, Parker announced he wanted a puppy (not gonna happen), We made Christmas Sugar Cookies, Got a real Christmas Tree from a Christmas Tree farm, had 6 or 8 bags of leaves we had to rake up in our front yard, had Adam's family over for Christmas Eve and then went to my parents for Christmas day and the day after.

Def a busy year!  But we are ready for this year and the birth of our little girl in less than 29 days!

Here are some pictures from New Years Eve -

Do you love Parker's Bear Hat that we found for him for like 4 bucks?  I'm so glad we did too, because I forgot to pack him a jacket and it kept the rain off his head while we were doing fireworks and it helped muffle the loud booms!
None of my firework pictures turned out...

Mandy (Adam's Sister) got hit by one from the neighbors - I saw one coming straight for us and I jumped up and ran to the garage.  Luckily, Parker was in Poppa's arms and he was protected.  Mandy was in a lot of pain - it cut the skin and left a huge bruise.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ready to be Done

So I have to email my blood sugar numbers and what I eat in the the nutritionist every 3-4 days and I have to go in and see them every week.  It really is a pain in the butt and I can't stand the one that is assigned to me - I met with the other one over the holidays because mine was out of town and I like her better. 

Let me tell you just one of the reasons I don't like her...When I had to go to the hospital when I was pregnant with Parker to learn how to take shots etc, I had the same nutritionist, but they had no say in what I did because they weren't my doctor.  I saw an actual endocrinologist and he told me when to up my insulin, etc.  These nutritionists aren't doctors...More like nurses...Anyways - when she met with me and saw Adam she said "I can't believe you even considered having a baby with him after seeing how big his head was." Who says that?  Especially with him in the room?  She says stuff like that all the time.  Mom says she is just trying to be funny - but that isn't funny coming from a total stranger - I can't stand her.  If I had to choose between the crappy doctor from last time and this nutritionist, I would def pick the crappy doctor...That's how bad this experience has been.

Last week I met with them on Wed...They upped my bedtime shot by 2 units and on Friday they upped it 2 more units and today they are upping it 2 more units.  They want my morning sugar to be between 60-80 and its been in the 90s (which still isn't bad at all).  Today it was 84.  They aren't giving it a chance.  They are driving me crazy.  I can't wait to not have to email them and see them.  It really is a pain.  Luckily I only have 4 1/2 weeks to go!  Baby will be here Feb 4 if not sooner!!!

*I wonder if she knows about my blog and reads it, this would probably offend her if she did read it, but it def is the truth.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Terrible Twos

It seems my cute little boy has hit the age when he is going to test me and try my patience.

He hits, throws anything when he is mad or in trouble, spits, and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way.  It can be a little stressful at times.  The key is to be patient and stick to the rules and not bend.  He knows what's allowed and what isn't. 

It hasn't helped that his playmate (Adam) has been off of work for two weeks.  And that he has had tons of cousins to play with over the holidays and now its going to just be him again. 

It's going to be hard getting him back on his schedule of napping every day for me, but hopefully he will.  My goal is to get him in bed earlier too - no more late nights - he needs to be in bed no later than 9.  That's late enough for a little kid - everyone else I know puts their kids to bed between 7 and 8:30.  We'll see how it goes.

We also are getting anxious for the birth of our little girl.  The c-section date is set and I couldn't be more excited.

I am so tired of counting carbs, checking my sugar, only eating certain things, watching everyone else enjoy my favorites.  Not sure how they will monitor me in the hospital and when the baby comes, but I am ready to have a shake, a piece of cake, some candy, eat as much bread as I want, actually eat a bowl of cereal and not just 3/4 of a cup (that isn't much when you really measure it out).