Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny Parker

We went to Kari and Matt's new house last night so Adam could help paint! Oh how he loves taping and painting *said with a sarcastic voice :)*. Parker decided he needed to help Aunt Squirt clean the bathtub. (I was not much help at all - sadly - I don't know what was wrong but I was just so tired last night.)
Actually all he did was play in the running water!! But he was cute.
He was getting in the way a lot.
Oh Parker! I had to pull Parker out of the bathroom and shut the door so that Kari could finish - however, Parker can open doors at their new house because they aren't round door knobs - they are just the kind you pull down on I guess is how you describe it! haha Kari and Matt will have to keep the doors locked to keep Parker from getting into anything he's not supposed to when he's there and to keep him from heading outside to play!
Awna D brought a few camp chairs to sit in for breaks and her and Parker hung out eating goldfish.
When I got the camera out to upload pictures to the computer today, Parker started making the cheesiest faces!! He sure knows what a camera is!! ENJOY!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gimme Some Food

Adam took the Missionaries to Woodville Saturday night because one was speaking at a baptism and Parker and I hung out at home. I needed to do dishes and he wanted me, so I made him popcorn and gave it to him for him to eat. He is a popcorn fanatic (could be because that's one of the things I craved when I was pregnant with him - or the fact that popcorn is freaking good!)

While I was doing the dishes I looked up at him and He had the bowl on it's side and was scooping the popcorn out of the bowl onto his lap and behind him. Popcorn was everywhere! I wish I would have gotten a picture of that, but c'est la vie!

Last night we went to hang out at mom's for a little bit (Matt's been borrowing my car for the past few days and so Parker and I were stuck in the house for 3 days straight - he was ready for an outing even if it was just to Awna D's House). Dad had made him and mom steak for dinner and when mom got home from running her thousands of errands (that's what happens when you have 2 jobs, you are relief society president for church and you have 6 kids, a husband, and 7 grandkids) and she came in the living room to watch the end of Idol with us with her steak and Parker attacked her (he has this new thing - I don't want you to give me a bite, I want to hold it and take bites for myself - not good when you have an ocd mom that hates messes and hates having a dirty messy kid!!)

You aren't allowed to take a bite Awna D...That's MY Steak!
Give it to me please!
She Finally Let me have it all to myself!Go Away Mom and let me eat my Steak!This tastes so good! Maybe I am following in Uncle Court's footsteps!
So good!
More Please!
Yeah! That's the good stuff!
Isn't he cute!
This is how Parker gets when you take something away from him that he wants - In last nights case it was Awna D's Steak! haha

Do you have any crazy stories of your kids like this? Leave a comment and let us know!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

15 Month Old Cutie

I think I have the cutest little boy! What do you think?

Adam put these on Parker's head and Parker thought it was so funny! He was too cute!

Still Growing! He's 15 Months old!
See how tall he's gotten...Over 32 inches! He is still very skinny - only 22 lbs.
He decided he wanted to play with his light switch like he does while he's in bed...So he pulled his train up to it and got on his tip toes. The little stinker is definitely a climber.
He's so cute on his tip toes though don't you think? :)
The red mark under his right eye (left in the picture) happened today when he fell off something...Honestly I'm not sure what - he was playing and I was doing the dishes and I hear him cry - Adam went to check on him and said that he must have fallen or something because his lil cheek was red.
The red mark over his left eye (right in the picture) happened the other night at Grandma and Grandpa's house (ever wonder why we always say mom and dads house or grandma and grandpas house? the woman is always I the only one that does that??). He hit their round glass coffee table just right. We knew it hurt when he cried and there was a tiny mark. It's redder today than it was that day!
I am a lucky lady to be able to spend every day all day with this cutie don't you think!!! Are you jealous? :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tons of Videos

Video from Red Bud

Parker's First Time to Dye Easter Eggs

He hid in the toy cabinet at moms house - I couldn't find him haha

I saved the best for last....This is the CUTEST Laugh in the world

Cute Lil Boy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer and I really really really want it!!!

The Pioneer AVIC-X910BT In Dash Navigation System.

Anyone willing and able should donate to the I wanna help Kim Haynes Fund Immediately!!! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a fun week with Janelle and Meredith here and then after we got sick it kinda went downhill. Court got in on Friday and we had a fun time hanging out with him too. We enjoy the time we get to spend with our families and though it might be frustrating at times because you can't stand what some of them do, say or act, you smile and bear it and try to have fun. :)

Saturday after the last session of Conference for church, we got together with Court, Janelle, Meredith, Mom, Kari and Matt and dyed Easter Eggs! It was so fun! Here are pictures from this weekend.

Parker is set and ready to go!
Look at that...
So far so good!
Mom helped Parker. She would cup her hands around the cup and Parker would throw the eggs in the water. Mom's hands were dyed blue by the time we were done!
Meredith putting on stickers.
Oh Meredith!
Court, Mom and I dunno who else shrink wrapped the pictures around some of them and then Court got to dye one of those.
Hard at work!
Parker didn't get a nap...can you tell...
So tired...
Look at our eggs...
Aren't they pretty?
Miss Meredith
When we finished, Parker was ready for a nap!

The Easter Bunny Came!!

Meredith's Loot
Parker's Loot
Aunt Squirt helping Parker check out what the Easter Bunny Brought him...
Look at that...
He can climb up and down most furniture including Mom's bar height kitchen chairs (we discovered that today)
Time for the Easter Egg Hunt...Look I found one!
Meredith found lots...
Parker found about a 1/3 of what Meredith found, but no biggie! He doesn't care!
Still looking for eggs...
What's inside the plastic ones? (the Easter Bunny hid plastic ones with candy and the wooden ones that he hid for us when we were little)
What's in it dad?
I told Meredith to sit in the chair so she wouldn't fall and this is how she reacted...
She was a little happier to see chocolate!!
Parker Little Buddy
Yum! Chocolate! She gets it from her momma!!
Meredith got a lot of hair bows...
Meredith's eggs...
Checking stuff out....
Parker likes to pick on Aunt Squirt and never go to her, I suppose today he was feeling giving and decided to give her a short chance to hold him...

We hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter weekend as well!