Sunday, November 29, 2009


We have had a fun and crazy week it seems. 

Wednesday evening we headed to Buna to see Adam's Family.

Thursday we ate with my family at noon.  It was different this year.  Usually it is My Mom's Parents and her brother and his family and my siblings.  This year, Christoper stayed in Utah (usually the normal - it's hard for him to get down twice a year, however, he did it last year with two weddings), Caryn's family stayed home and Kevin's family spent it in the hospital with their three month old who was getting antibiotics through an iv due to salmonella poisoning getting into his blood (he was there ten days).  Court and his family came and Kari and Matt were there for a while.  Kari (has a job at a local tv station) had to go to work.  My Mom's Parents still came, but didn't stay all day like normal and her brother and his family stayed home.  It was weird having such a small group at Mom and Dad's house.  Caryn and her daughter and her friend came down that evening to spend time with me! (well with all of us, but I like to think when she comes to visit she comes just to see me).

Friday I got up at 6:30 showered and got ready and Caryn and her friend picked me up and we met Mom in Beaumont and we all went shopping together.  We shopped until around 5 or so.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't buy too much - just a few clothing items for Parker.  I wish I would have gotten more, but I have no clue what to buy for Parker or for Adam or for Adam's family Christmas Party or for Kevin's family (which is everyone on the list but our parents - luckily Adam got a gift for both of our parents already).  I came home tired and not feeling well.  I had no voice by the end of day.  Adam met his parents halfway and Parker got to spend the night with them.  It was the first night he has had a sleepover.  I was a bit nervous when Adam and Parker left.  I know that my inlaws can take care of him, but it was just nervous to not have him in his room at night.  All mom's know how I felt.  I snoozed on the couch (or tried to - I kept getting phone calls and texts).  I picked up some nyquil and hoped to sleep well without worrying to much and to hopefully feel better.  I didn't sleep well, but I didn't worry either.  I knew he was in good hands. 

Saturday we got up and went to see Blind Side with Kari and Matt and it was such a good movie.  Then we headed to Buna to get Parker.  I fell asleep on their couch.  Then we headed home.

Adam has been great to take care of Parker.  I still have no voice.  It's as though it's getting worse and worse. 

Parker is walking more and more every day.  I've hardly seen him crawl all day.  He is getting faster and faster! 

Life is crazy and seems it will only get crazier with Christmas only weeks away!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Up with That?

Yesterday, I watched my niece while her little baby brother is in the hospital.  Right when she got to my house she wanted her Mom.  I felt so bad.  We headed to my grandmother's house in Vidor to play with our little cousin that it my nieces age and they had a lot of fun.   Well, my niece was having fun as long as Parker was leaving her alone.  Every time he wanted the toy she had, she cried and got upset.  We distracted Parker with other toys and I told him to quit being a bully! :)

We (Grammer and me) then headed to Chuck E Cheese with the kids to entertain them (thanks Ryan)!  They had so many tokens and I was ready to go so I took them to the game Rubble Bubble (or something like that - Maren can correct me) so that each girl could put a coin in at the same time.  We got a lot of tickets.   The only prize my little cousin wanted was a purple snake.  I couldn't convince her to get anything else.  Without thinking and considering the fact that Grammer is deathly afraid of snakes, I let her get it and when she went to show Grammer, I was in trouble!  I can't believe I didn't think about it.  But I didn't want her to cry.  Grammer said she will never let me forget it.  Luckily I had picked out another toy for her and so she gave Parker the snake.

Then I took my niece to stay with her parents at the hospital and I headed home.  I had a really bad migraine (probably from my lack of drinking water during the day) and told Adam I didn't want to eat anything.  Parker hadn't gotten a nap so Adam fed him and changed him and got him ready for bed for me (I was dozing off on the couch).  Parker was in bed before 8:45 and I told Adam I was heading to bed.  I fell asleep so fast.  Adam came in and asked me who texted me and read it to me (I had no idea I had a text message).  He also got up with Parker and they cuddled on the couch for an hour (I had no idea).

How could I not hear my phone above my head or this cute kid crying?

What's up with that?  I can't believe I was so out of it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love Notes

I have a huge stack (well it's not so huge anymore) of post-it notes that I use to leave Adam notes on the front door in the mornings. I put them up before I head to bed just as reminders for him - Some just say trash (reminding him to take out the trash), some say netflix (don't forget to put them in the mail), sometimes it says gate (fix the gate because I can never get it up), etc.

Sometimes I remember to say Love you Have a great Day, Sometimes I don't.

I haven't put a note up in a long time until Monday reminding him to bring something with him to work and when I got up I found this on the door....
It's a multi-colored stack of post-its hence the one green one! I have a sweet Husband! I mean some might get mad that their husband wasted 10 post-its, but I loved it! It was a total surprise!

10 months

Cute Church Clothes

Brown Cords, Button down shirt, argyle vest! He was styling for church! Do you like his new toy? Adam and I were tired of him wanting our remote so at Ross one day we found this huge one for 3 bucks. However, it only works if we keep it in our lap and pretend we are using it. He's a smart boy!

Like Father, Like Son

Adam is a technology guru I guess you could say. If he isn't on his computer, he's on his ipod, or playing a video game, and the tv is usually running in the background (well that's when he's awake). I think Parker is following in his dad's footsteps...

I am on the computer a lot too, but it seems like Adam is always on some kind of electronic.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wish List

- new fridge (no matter what temperature it is set at, everything freezes...grapes, water, milk, eggs, etc.)

- money to pay off student loans and car note etc

- bigger car

- bigger house

- another baby

- to lose lots of weight

- for continued health and safety for my family

- cooler weather

- no more bills

A girl can wish right?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Photos 2009