Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Weeks Menu

Sunday - Chicken Fried Steak

Monday - Hamburgers

Tuesday - Gumbo

Wednesday - Steak, Baked Potatoes and Salad

Thursday - Taco Salad

Friday - Sandwiches

Saturday - Taco Bell

Sunday (today) - Cavatini

Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Time it Fell Off!

Today was one of those days where you just wanted to lounge and do nothing - especially after the night we had!  Riglee slept from 12-4:30 and then she was awake until 6:30 and wanted to be held!  Not fun!  Parker woke up at 6:00 wanting Awna D, Kia and Matt.  I think he even asked where Justin and Caryn were - but I was so tired who knows.  I finally got Riglee to sleep and then went and cuddled Parker in his bed to sleep.  Adam had to be at work at 8:45 this morning - so it was all me trying to get the two back to sleep!

Riglee then woke up about 9ish wanting food - I was glad I got to sleep that long!

No one showed up for Adam's workshop so he was home before 10 and then Kari showed up to work on stuff.  We spent the rest of the morning visiting and shopping online with Kari and Mom.  Then Kari, Mom and Parker cleaned Kari's car - I'll have to post pictures of that later!

The real reason I'm blogging tonight though - is so that I'll remember today was the day that Riglee's Umbilical Cord finally fell off!  We kept hoping it would happen and it finally did.  It was a stubborn thing.  So tonight she took her first real bath that wasn't a sponge bath (thanks to Awna D)! 

It's been a big help staying with my parents for a while.  They have both been a huge help with both of the kids - in fact every evening Mom comes in from work, feeds Riglee her evening bottle and then they snooze together in the chair until it's time for her late night bottle and bed!  I'll have to get pictures of that one night!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Nights Rest

Riglee did pretty good last night!  My mom fed her for us at 9:30ish and she fell asleep around 10 or so.  She didn't wake up wanting food until 4:30!  After I fed her and changed her diaper, she went back to sleep and slept until 9:00!

Parker went to sleep last night at the table sitting in Aunt Kia's lap playing the ipad at 9:30.  Adam came and got him, changed his diaper, put him in pajamas, put him in bed and Parker stayed asleep through it all!  He didn't wake up this morning until after 10!

Let's just say it was a good night!  Although I stayed up with my mom until about 12:30 and then I went in and emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it.  So I didn't get to bed until 1 or so, but it was definitely a successful night!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cute Kids

Here are a few pics of the kids and a video of Parker! Enjoy!

Riglee in her Vday Dress from Geezer and Awna D and her cute bow made by Aunt Caryn and Taylor...

We had discounts and coupons for amazon so we ordered her bedding!  I put her in her crib this morning for her nap - When we get her on a better night time schedule she will start sleeping in there at night because she will be sharing a room with Parker.

So sweet!

Parker is my sweet little boy - most of the time! haha

He wanted his picture taken and then wouldn't look at the camera!

Parker says please so cute that I had to get it on video - enjoy! haha

Monday, February 21, 2011

1st Sunday at Church

Yesterday I took Riglee to Sacrament Meeting for the first time.  We walked in as they were saying the announcements and left during the closing song.  With everything going around right now, I didn't want to take any chances hence why we got there after it started and left before it was over.  She wore her cute lil Valentine's dress from Geezer and Awna D and we happened to have a bow that matched perfect that Aunt Caryn made her!  I'll post a picture later!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Have you ever seen the movie White Christmas with Bing Crosby?  You know when the sisters, Betty and Judy, sing the song Sisters?

The words go a little something like this:
Sisters, sisters
There were never such devoted sisters,
Never had to have a chaperone, No sir,
I'm here to keep my eye on her
Caring, sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress, and I stayed home
All kinds of weather, we stick together
The same in the rain and sun
Two different faces, but in tight places
We think and we act as one
Those who have seen us *
Know that not a thing could come between us
Many men have tried to split us up, but no one can
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man

 Well I'm pretty sure I have the best sisters ever.
I talk to them almost every day - just to chat and see what's going on.

The oldest one planned and did my whole baby shower for Riglee.
She lets us go visit whenever we want.
She came the Saturday after Riglee was born just for the day to see us.
She calls and checks on me all the time.
Yeah, she's pretty much amazing.

The younger one has taken Parker as her own.
Really, She's Parker's second Mom.
She babysat for us when Riglee was born (her husband helped too).
She bought Riglee the cutest newborn clothes after she was born because she was so tiny and only had like 2 newborn size outfits.
She let Parker spend the night so we could have some much needed quiet/relaxation time.
Yeah, she's pretty much the bomb dot com.

I really appreciate both of them and everything they do for me and my fam.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2 Weeks Old

I took Riglee to the doctor today for her 2 week check up.  Amazingly enough I got put in a room after waiting a max of only about 15 minutes.  That's good for her doctor's office.  The nurse measured her, weighed her etc and then told us the doctor would be in soon. 

Here is the problem - all of the rooms were empty when we went in ours.  I heard our doctor visit the rooms around us before he came into see us.  We had been waiting for about 45 minutes in the room.  At about 15 minutes a nurse came in and asked why we were visiting - I said her 2 week check up - and then she asked us what doctor we were seeing.  At 35 minutes I had peeked out and asked if we were going to get seen - yeah I was bugged - I wouldn't usually do that.  The doctor came in finally and apologized that the computers had been down and that he was backed up and I said oh okay.  I think he could tell I was bugged.   He didn't say much and neither did I.

Here are her stats:
8 lbs 14 oz
21 1/2 inches long (she's getting tall and staying skinny - just like her bro)

- She is eating about 4 ounces every 4 hours, sometimes I can make it go 5 hours. 
- She had been waking up about every 4 hours in the night to eat until last night - she slept 7 hours straight
- She is picking her head up to look around
- She sleeps most of the day still
- Total I think she is only awake about 6 hours in the day if that.
- She won't take a pacifier from me, but she will from Adam
- She still has that stinking umbilical cord thing - but it is starting to come off
- She cuddles almost every evening with my mom - it's their quality time!
- Mom is the one that bathes her (since it still has to be a sponge bath) because she loves me and I ask her (I hate doing the whole sponge bath thing)

- Loves being a big brother
- Wants to hold her all the time
- Likes Riglee's Pacifiers more than she does
- Loves holding the bottle to feed her and no one can help him - he'll push our hands off the bottle so he can do it himself
- He moved up to size 4 diapers this week - but they are still a little big on him
- He gets his second wind about 8 or 9 o'clock and stays up with his Dad until about 11 or 12
- I haven't let him take naps the past few days because of this hoping he will go to sleep earlier - it hasn't worked

Tough Evening, Good Night, All Night

Last night was a little rough getting Parker to go to bed.  Adam read him a story and he kept making excuses to get out of bed.  His leg hurt, his teeth hurt, he needed to tell me good night, he needed to tell Awna D good night, he needed a drink, the list goes on and on.  Finally at 11:30, I decided enough was enough and that I would give Adam a break and I would take a turn with him.  Well - when I go in there, it isn't good news for Parker.  I put him in bed, covered him, kissed his forehead and said good night and then put a child lock on his door so he couldn't come out.  I hated to do it, but Adam had been trying for an hour to get him in bed.  He stood by his door crying, trying to get out for about 5 minutes, and then there was silence.  I waited a few more minutes before I went and checked on him and he was in bed asleep.  He has got to start going to bed at a decent time and we have to get him to go to bed without putting up so much of a fight.

Perhaps it's because Riglee sleeps in our room and he feels left out.  When Riglee gets on a better sleep schedule, she will be sleeping in his room, but until then, I'm not sure what to do!

Riglee did sleep from midnight until seven this morning!  It was definitely needed.  Poor Adam - he's exhausted from the late nights with Parker, middle of the night feedings with Riglee (yes I get up and feed her, but Adam wakes up), and early mornings for work.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have been staying with my parents since Riglee was born for them to help us out with the kids.  We haven't had a good nights rest in a long time thanks to not only Riglee waking up for feedings, but Parker going to bed late.  I'm not sure what it is but at first here, he would lay in bed, Adam would read him a book and he would stay there and go to sleep.  Now he is up until at least 11 - fighting us, not wanting to go to sleep.  We can tell he's tired.  It has become really hard and poor Adam, Parker wants him and not me.  Hopefully we can get him to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight.

Anyways - on to the main reason for my post...

This cute little boy decided that Awna D's house needed a little redecorating...

He pushed the door and made the stopper go straight through the door frame!  Guess the stopper isn't strong enough for a 2 year old! haha

Now Hunter isn't the only one that has poked a hole in their wall!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 without Adam

Day 2 of being home with kids by myself has been really hard.  Parker has definitely been testing my patience all day.  At some point all three of us have shed a tear or two.  I am blessed that Riglee is such a good baby.  Maybe one day I'll get the hang of being a mom of two - but today isn't that day...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is that one day that you are supposed to express your love to those you care about.  What about the other 364 days of the year?  I've never really celebrated V-Day probably because I was a lame one and didn't have anyone to share it with...well until Adam came along.  He's always been so good to me.  This year he gave me my gift on Saturday.  Probably because Adam can't keep secrets from me.  I always get them out of him (well at least 95% of the time - mostly because I hate people keeping secrets from me - I used to not be able to keep secrets at all - I've gotten better).

He had my sister and mom deliver me chocolates on Saturday and then he showed up with 3 red roses with a ring tied around it.  It's pretty much the best gift ever.

Isn't it pretty?? :) Yeah I'm a happy camper and absolutely love it.

What have I gotten for him - absolutely nothing - partly because I haven't been released to drive until today from my doctor - partly because I have no clue what to get him - and partly because I'm dreading the first outing by myself with 2 kids!  I do still have what 13 hours?  Any ideas?  Tips?  Hints?  Helps?

Friday, February 11, 2011


Riglee is doing great!  She sleeps 5-6 hours through the night.  Usually only one wake up about 5 am or so.  I went for my week appointment to have my staples removed - doc was a little bugged when we told him the hospital didn't do it.  I fit into my pre-pregnancy blue jeans for the appointment and I've lost all of the weight I gained during the pregnancy plus 9 lbs.  I am really excited about it.  It's the strict diet I've been on I'm sure.  I need to stick to it and when I get to start exercising again get to it, and hopefully I can loose a lot more!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Riglee Madalyn

We were in bed mostly asleep yesterday morning when I got a phone call.  I thought who in the world is calling me at 7 am.  I looked at my phone and it said it was my nutritionist.  I said to Adam for reals - why is she calling me so early and I ignored the call.  Then I listened to the voicemail.  It wasn't my nutritionist - apparently all outgoing phone calls from the hospital go from one number.  It was by OB GYN.  He left a message saying that due to the weather (they were reporting major ice for Friday morning) he wanted to do my c-section that day at 12:30 instead of Friday Morning!

I got very excited and called the hospital back to have them page him and call me.  He said to be at the hospital at 10 am.  So Adam and I made the final preparations and headed to the hospital.   We signed all the paperwork and they put me on the monitors, hooked me up to my iv and got everything going!  At about 11 they came in and said that my dr wanted to go ahead with the surgery and not wait until 12:30!  I started getting very nervous.

The anesthesia guy was great - that was the worst part last time - and there were no tears shed this time.  I was left awake throughout the whole procedure - last time the guy gave me something that knocked me out I suppose because I was crying so much!

I'm not sure exactly what time, but Riglee Madalyn arrived at 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long.  I got to briefly see her in the operating room and then they took her to the nursery.  I didn't get to see her again for about 5 hours.  That's so hard to wait that long to see your baby!

I was sick most of the day yesterday.  Didn't make many calls or text many people.  The nausea was terrible.  I am on a regular diet and I am supposed to check my sugar before I eat this morning and 2 hours after to see how I do.

So my post never uploaded in the hospital - so here it is Monday and I'm finally posting, but hey, at least I am posting pictures right?? :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brrr It's Cold

This is the picture Adam emailed me this morning when he got to work - This is the fountain outside his office (Kari's Office too - they work in buildings next to each other).  It's so cold here!  They are saying it could snow Friday Morning.