Friday, February 27, 2009

Bumbo and the Doctor

Adam went and got Parker a Bumbo after work and AdFed last night. He likes to sit up and look around to see what's going on and he can hold his head up pretty good so we thought this would be a good investment. You pretty much have to get a loan from the bank to buy one because they are $38 and all it is is a foam chair. But hey, we like the foam and we had the money. It is definitely worth it! Here are some pictures from last night.He doesn't have a baby face anymore. He looks so grown up. He will be 7 weeks on Tuesday!He holds his head up pretty well.He is starting to doze and he's fighting it. Adam tried to get it taken with his eyes closed, but Parker opened his eyes just as it took the picture.Poor thing was exhausted. Yes we took him out after we took the picture. I couldn't let him stay like that.

I went and took my 2 hour glucose test today. I checked my blood this morning at 7:30 and it was 112. A little high for the morning, but I could deal. I check it when I pulled it into the parking lot at the doctor at 8:25 and it was 101. When I got in the building, the office wasn't open but tons of people were standing outside his office. They opened the door and it was almost like a mad dash to get in there to sign in. Mom went to the temple today so Parker came with me. It is a little hard to make a mad dash when I have a 6 1/2 week old with me. I was like 7 or 8 on the list. The lady doing all the blood work wasn't even there yet. They should have started the 2 hour tests first. Did they? Of course not. My two hours finally started at 9:35. Yeah. So I checked my sugar right then and it was 122. I'm thinking that has to do with the stress and being so mad about sitting there for an hour that it had jumped 21 points in an hour without food. They check it 30 minutes later and then again 30 minutes later and again an hour later. When I took the 3 hour test, my OB/GYN gave me the ranges for the test so when I checked my sugar each time. For the three hour test they just take it every hour so I checked the first hour numbers with the scale. I did it three times and my numbers were 219, 293 and then 250 something. It isn't supposed to be over 180. Yeah if I wasn't starting out high already, it would have probably been under 180, but you know. After the 2 hour numbers, I checked it again and compared. It isn't supposed to be over 155. My numbers were 119, 154 and 135 so all my numbers were under the 155. I get the real results back on Monday, but how can the test be true or right? I think they intentionally stress people out to make their numbers high so they have to keep coming back and get more money out of you. I'm kidding. I know they don't do that. But whatev! I'll post my results when I find out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ranting and Raving

I went to two doctors today. I had my second checkup with my ob/gyn since Parker was born and my first checkup with the endocrinologist since Parker was born. Here's how it went.

Appointment was today at 9:00 am
Arrive at 8:55 and sign in
Get called back at 8:57
Get weighed and blood pressure checked
Doctor isn't in yet from a morning procedure - nurse says he'll be there shortly
9:05 - 9:10 Doctor arrives and comes in and checks everything out - tells me everything is great
9:15 - Set up next appointment with Receptionist
9:17 - Walking out the door and loading up Parker in the car and go run other errands

Endocrinologist - Gestational Diabetes Doc
Appointment was today at 3:20 pm (odd time right?!?)
Arrive about 3:18 and sign in
Receptionist is on the phone and tells me she will be right with me
Receptionist gets my insurance card and makes a copy
I go and sit down next to Mom and Parker
I check my cell phone for the time...3:34 pm
UGH are you kidding me? It's only been 14 minutes.
Play with Parker a little bit while other names are being called back
3:45-3:50 Lady that arrives after me gets called back before me
4:25 Finally get called back and get weighed
4:27 or around there - get in the room and get my blood pressure and blood sugar checked - 100 and I ate at 1:30 (taco salad) not too shabby considering I ate a lot of chips
4:35 Doctor comes in room - asks for my blood sugar numbers from the past 6 weeks
Tells me they are high towards the end - I explain that I haven't been doing his lil diet thing
He tells me to come back Friday Morning for a 2 hour glucose test
Doctor listens to me breathe with stethoscope, feels my throat (why I do not know) and checks my legs for swelling
Doctor leaves room (only in there a total of 3 minutes)
I am totally mad about Friday - grab Parker and my bags and go to front desk
No one is there
I wait around a few minutes it seems (at least 2 or 3 for sure) and no one comes - so I leave

Why the heck didn't he have me do the stupid 2 hour test weeks ago? What is the point of checking my sugars for 6 months to see me for 3 minutes and check my throat? Is he a throat doctor? No! Why didn't he ask me if Friday was okay? Why did he just tell me? Who does he think he is?

Why the heck did it take so long to get in to the endocrinologist. Doctors think it's okay to have patients wait for forever before they see them. If you sit at a restaurant for too long without being waited on, you don't tip the waitress. So why do we pay the doctor when we wait for over 1/2 an hour. Why do they charge so much. $100 bucks for him to see you for 2 seconds how is that fair. Why do they get away with crap like this? It is so annoying. I don't think they deserve to treat people like that and I don't think they deserve to make that much money. How is it that the longest I've waited for my OB/GYN is 15 minutes and the shortest I've waited for the Endocrinologist is 1 hour and 5 minutes. Ridiculous. I have decided that I'll call tomorrow to make sure I am set up for Friday - Go in on Friday and take the stupid test and then I'm never going back to that doctor. He is a nice man. Don't have a problem with him. Didn't have any issues with him in the hospital. I have a problem with his office and how his office is run.

People do deserve to be treated like this. The End!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parker Video

I wanted to post a cute video of Parker for everyone to see. He has been smiling at me all evening. So I thought it would be great to video, however, when I got the camera out, he wouldn't smile anymore. This is all I've got. Enjoy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

YAY for Great Husbands/Dads

Adam came home from work and I was so excited. I have been in a cleaning mood lately, but it really only hits me in the evenings. I guess it is because Adam is here to keep an eye on Parker for me and take care of him so I don't have to stop what I am doing. He is such a great dad. Tonight I got so much done. My fourth load of laundry is about to go in the dryer. The bathroom is clean and organized. I finally got Parker's bathroom stuff in the cabinet. It's been in a basket in the living room for some random reason. I got our room cleaned up. I even vacuumed our floor. Our living room is pretty much clean. I need to vacuum it. I organized Parker's room some more. We have a twin bed in there with his crib and the twin bed has been covered with toys and spoons (etc) that we haven't needed for him yet. I organized his drawers so that I could put all of his stuff in a drawer. We haven't gotten a matress or his bedding for his crib yet so right now it has all of our extra blankets and his diaper bags. I have three or four because sometimes I just need a tiny one and other times I need my big one. I have a few in between. I have showered and dried my hair and all of this got done after 8:00 tonight. Yay for Adam coming home at 5:00 to take care of Parker and for running with us to target and to get dinner!


Can I just tell you how sick I am of hearing about Hurricane Katrina. That was over 3 years ago and we still hear about it on television, radio, etc. We have had two hurricanes in our area since then too ya know. Hurricane Rita damaged several homes as well and last year we had Hurricane Ike that destroyed several homes. Look at what I am talking about...
The first picture is from Katrina in New Orleans...This second one is from Rita here in Texas...The third and fourth pictures are from Ike in Texas (the Pizza Hut is only 15 minutes from my house)...

We were just as bad, but you don't really hear anything about it at all. It kind of annoys me a little bit. Why is it that all you hear about it Katrina and New Orleans??? Can anyone answer that for me???

Also, why is it that crazy people are able to get driver's licenses? I get in so many almost accidents because people cut me off or ride my tail or something. It is like everyone thinks they own the road and because of that, so many accidents happen. Can you believe how many people don't know how a four way stop works? I have pulled up to so many four way stops and people don't know when it's their turn to go. How crazy is that? Some of us need to go back to driver's education and take a few classes. It is ridiculous. I'm tired of it.

Why is it that police officers smoke in their police cars and then toss the cigs out on the ground? Our tax money pays for those vehicles. They are destroying them with cig smell that you can almost never get out and then for them to toss them out on the street? We are trying to keep nature clean and our police officers are not helping. Does that bother anyone else? Or am I the only one that sees that and gets mad about it?

These things have been bothering me for a while. I just wanted to share and see if it bothered anyone else or if I'm the only one.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I wanted to post pictures of Parker's newest outfits thanks to friends and family. One of my good friends growing up and her mom gave us the cutest outfits and I couldn't not share them with everyone. Our nursery is monkeys. Of course you would never guess that because so far all we have are a few monkey stuffed animals and monkey clothes. I have yet to get Parker his bedding, lamp, mobile, etc. I guess I am waiting for us to get rich first or for a friend or relative to buy them. I dunno. I think they are precious from BabiesRUs, but then again, I picked them out so I would think that :)I think the bedding is so cute and the crib sheet is the dots and monkeys all over it. One day I'll have it for him. Hopefully before he is big enough to sleep in his own room in the crib.

Aunt Caryn found this cute shirt for him for Saint Patrick's Day. I love it! Thanks Aunt Caryn.

All of the following pictures are from Maren and Sister Petersen. I love them!!!! Thanks. We really do appreciate it. I washed them tonight and can't wait to see Parker in them. Cute overalls with a monkey head.

I love that the monkey is on a pocket on the hat. Sorry that the up close one is a little blurry. It says little hunk. So cute!!

I love this one. It says I'm just Bananas over Mommy. The pants are precious. I cannot express how much I love these outfits!!!

My Aunt, Cousin and Grandma got us this measure thing at the shower and I keep forgetting to put Parker up next to it so that every month you can see how much he is growing. Do you know how hard it is to get a baby to straighten his legs long enough for you to take a picture?!? Well at least it is hard with Parker. He is very independent and wants to be postitioned how he wants to be not how you want him to be. The measure thing starts at 20 inches. So it is looking like he is about 23 inches long now!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So who made up this holiday anyways? I never really understood why we had a day to celebrate love. Shouldn't we do it everyday to our significant others whomever they may be. I don't remember us celebrating Valentine's Day while Adam and I were dating. Sad huh?!? Pathetic. But I'll remember this one forever. It is the first V Day since we have been married.

I woke up at 5 with Parker and fed him and fell back asleep and slept until 7:45. I let Parker and Adam sleep while I got showered and dressed for my happy day. This included drying my hair, straightening it, and putting on makeup. When Adam finally woke up and got out of bed, this is how he found Parker. Adam said this picture makes him look like he had a rough night. hahaHe was so sleepy, but I wanted to get a picture of his outfit. It was kinda Valentinesy (is that even a word) so I thought it would be appropriate for the day. It's a monkey.
We had a baby shower for a good family friend that is having twins next month! We are so excited for her and her husband. The below picture is our good friend Jan (who we had the shower for) holding Parker for the first time.
After the shower, my wonderful husband showed up with a single long stem red rose tied to a chi straightener. I was so excited. My straightener is dying and doesn't work very well anymore so he got me a new one. He was supposed to get a new cell phone or cd player. I didn't go get it because I wanted him to get what he wanted since it was such a big spend. So far he hasn't gotten one yet. I did surprise him with these flip flops. If you know Adam, you know he loves his flip flops.He took me to dinner at an Italian Restaurant here in town. A friend of ours was our waitress and I was pretty happy about that because it was great service and we got in and out of there fast. (Hopefully it wasn't awkward because it was an ex-girlfriend of Adams. Do you think that's weird or would be weird. Serving and ex-boyfriend and his wife dinner on Valentine's Day?) We were trying to catch a movie so we were glad it was fast. We got to the movie theater and it was packed (especially with kids/young teens). We decided we would just walk around the mall and then go get ice cream.

We got two cute onesies for Parkerand a cute new bag that I'm going to use for a diaper bag for now. It matches all my other luggage!
Then we went to Marble Slab and got ice cream. I got cheesecake with strawberries. He got a shake.
We went back to mom's and got our little boy and headed home. He is amazing!! I took this of Kari earlier today. She is crazy sometimes. That's a lifesaver in her mouth. She opened her mouth right as the camera flashed. Cute Kari. Cute.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hunter's Program

Hunter had a program tonight with the rest of the 1st graders. Here are some pictures from it. Hunter is the one in the green shirt!

He was a toad during this song and got to hop around the stage.

The toad again!

He wasn't originally supposed to hold up the Hoot sign, but the kid that was supposed to didn't show up so at the beginning of the song the music teacher pointed to Hunter and had him go up and hold the sign. He did a great job!

We drove 2 hours there and 2 hours back for a 30 minute program, but he is a cutie and was worth it!

Where did Parker Go?!?

So this is Parker's bed (it is a cocoon that all of Caryn's kids slept in and I think Claire and Meredith slept in it too).
However, between 5-7 each morning, his bed is always empty and this is where he prefers to sleep...Priceless! Notice that Mom and Dad are already up and moving around getting ready for their happy day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Typical Sunday

Today has been a typical Sunday for our family. We got up and got ready for church and got there a few minutes early. Parker was great for his first Sunday to go through 3 hours of church. He would rather sleep cuddled up next to someone then alone. But he usually likes to spread out. Here are some pictures from "nap time" with Parker and Adam and "nap time" with Parker and Me.Notice that Adam is the one napping and Parker is wide awake. He likes laying with his Dad. I usually lay him next to Adam at night before we go to bed and he'll watch Adam "work" on his computer. If we lay him on his back, he'll roll on his side to cuddle up with us. If we lay him on his side, he rolls to his back.

This is his cute Sunday Outfit. He won't wear it every Sunday, but I think it's so cute that he has a tie. Thanks Marie! He had on cute corduroy khakis today too!

When Mommy lays down with Parker he goes to sleep 90% of the time. We like our nap time together. It is a great time to bond. He is still a little furnace. When I hold him I still get hot. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. I try to post a few every couple of days so you can see how precious my little boy is. Ignore my hideous face in the picture.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jacquie's Birthday


Today is one of my college roommate's birthday. We spent a lot of time together the three semesters we lived together and even took a class together. It is kind of cool the way she met her husband. He served his mission in the Houston East Mission (the one I live in). My mom was feeding missionaries one night and it seemed like they invited all the ones close. I think we fed 6 that night but I'm not sure. I had never met him before that. Years later I went to BYU-Idaho and on the second or third day of class my second semester, I dropped an education class and added a history class. Sitting in the classroom the first day, I hear someone say Fruge. I turned around and it was some guy I didn't recognize and said do I know you? haha He explained about eating at my parents house yadda yadda. I made a huge pot of Gumbo one weekend and Jacquie and I were the only roommates that were home that night. So we/I emailed him taking a whim that he would check his email saying that if he wanted some cajun food I was making gumbo and he was invited. He showed up with Jon Lammers (another missionary from my mission) and the rest is history. Talk about people being in the right place at the right time. I'm sure they would have met some way some how without me, but it's kinda cool being apart of someone's story!!

I found these pictures on my computer of them from school. Hopefully they don't mind me sharing. The one of Ryan was for an art project of our roommate Christine. The one of Jacquie was from a day of them doing family photo's I think. I have no idea how it got on my computer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pacifier or Finger?

Sometimes Parker prefers his pacifier...Other times his pacifier isn't good enough for him and he prefers his thumb. However, last night apparently his thumb wasn't good enough either because he preferred his index finger...Isn't he cute...
Which did you prefer growing up? Sucking on your fingers or a pacifier? Which did/do your kids prefer?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good News from the Doctor

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said the incision looked pretty good. I am also 11 lbs under what I went in at my 12 week pregnant appointment (which means I have lost 23 lbs so far). I am pretty excited about that. He released me to drive again which is good. It's good to get out and go for a drive every now and then. Not necessarily to go any where, but to just be able to get out and drive. Parker is doing great. We got another great night of sleep last night. He slept from about Midnight until 7:30 this morning. yay! He is a cute little boy and we are excited to have him in our life. It is hard to believe he is three weeks old.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blessing Day

Parker was blessed today in church. Several people came to participate. The circle consisted of
John (Adam's Dad),
David (Matt's Dad and like Adam's second Dad),
Nick (my Dad),
Court (my brother),
Kevin (my brother),
Justin (Caryn's husband-my brother in law),
Matt (Kari's husband-my brother in law),
Grumps (my mom's dad)
and Uncle Andy (my mom's brother).

It was a neat blessing and I can honestly say I teared up a little bit. I'm blaming it on the hormones still kind of out of whack, but call it how you like. Matt took our picture for us today. I look pretty hideous, but life goes on.

Here is a close up of cute little Parker. It is hard getting a 3 week old to cooperate for a camera!

He is still so little, but getting big at the same time. That doesn't really make a lot of sense, but you get what I'm saying and if not, eh oh well.

Thanks everyone for coming and being with us for this special day in our son's life. We appreciate everything greatly!