Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parker: "mom can I have some chocolate milk?".
Me: "what do you say"
Parker: "please will you get me chocolate milk. I can't know how to get my own chocolate milk."

My nephew, Hunter, stayed with us starting day night and left last night.  We all really enjoyed his visit, but I think Parker enjoyed having him here more.  He had a friend to play with!

Last night at 4:40 am (well I guess this morning) Parker came in my room and said where is Hunter? he isn't in bed. 

I said that's because he left earlier this evening remember?  And then he crawled in my bed and went to sleep - he had several dreams too.  He cried, laughed and talked...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Houston Zoo

We went to the Houston Zoo with Grandma (Marie), Grandpa (John) and Aunt Amanda a few weekends ago.  We went to the Lufkin Zoo a few weeks ago and bought a family pass there for only $35 bucks I think total and it gets us into the Lufkin Zoo and Houston Zoo for free (and also several other zoos all over the country)  Here are several pictures of the kids and some of the animals we saw...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Parker sayings...

Family Members have been teaching Parker a few sayings lately -

Got Em Coach - Aunt Caryn and Uncle Justin
Suey - Aunt Caryn and Uncle Justin
Take that Sucka - Aunt Kari


I went in the living room the other day to check on Parker and the stinker had colored on the floor - Thank goodness for Magic Erasers and for washable crayons!!

Tummy Time

Rigs has been rolling over for a while now - but now when I put her on her back, she immediately rolls to her stomach - she even sleeps on her stomach now - Funny how she used to hate tummy time...

Dinner Prayer

 Tuesday night we were sitting around the dinner table eating and hadn't prayed yet - we were all eating in shifts that night - Parker told Kari she needed to say the prayer.
When she finished, Parker said - Kia you didn't say thank you for church and thank you for Jesus.

Fav Movie

Parker's Favorite Movie this week is Frosty the Snowman - He's watched it about 5 times a day - maybe more - I lose count after a while!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Riglee was so fussy all night long.  At about 2 am Riglee started crying again and I left here there a few minutes hoping she would go back to sleep.  When she wasn't calming down I went in to get her and Parker was standing next to her bed trying to hand her a spit rag and telling her everything would be okay.

He's such a great big brother!!

Parker: "Where are the missionaries?"
Adam: "They had to go talk to people about Jesus.  Do you know who Jesus is?"
Parker: "He's on the wall."
Adam: "Yes, he's in the pictures on the wall.  What did Jesus do for you?"
Parker: "He gave me a banana."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Less Spit Up??

Rigs has been on Enfamil formula since day one and she is spitting up more and more each day.  We are trying her on the Target brand today to see if it helps - So far after bottle 1, no spit up - we'll see how it goes....

Kari and Matt invited us over for lunch after church Sunday - They also invited Dad and Kevin's fam...and the missionaries when they found out they didnt have a da...So we moved the Party to Kev and Sarah's house since there were so many of us...

Adam got up to scrape the remnants of food into the trash and instead of putting it in the trash, he dumped it in their laundry hamper with laundry in it...

Yep - he didn't realize until it was too late!  Pretty freaking funny!  (luckily it wasn't clean laundry! - sarah meant to take it out to the garage before we all showed up and got busy and forgot)

We later realized the other set of missionaries didn't have a da either - so we all came to mom and dads house that evening and fed the other missionaries - so when dad got home from his church meeting, he saw the same group he left at kev and sarahs when he left for the meeting except the missionaries changed...

the gibberish posts below - i sent those from my phone - not sure why they showed up gibberish...the post went a little something like this...

Parker told Adam it was his turn for prayers the other night - While Adam was praying, Parker kept telling him he needed to pray for church.  I thought it was too funny that he kept it up until Adam said that we are thankful for church.  Too bad he wouldn't go to nursery the next day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am totally slacking with Rigs - we measured Parker every month to see how tall he was, I posted a lot about when he did things so that it would be easy for me to remember.  Not so much with Rigs.  I have to get better so when she is older and asking me questions, I'll be able to answer her!

Today I fed Rigs a few cheerios - she loved them!
She is rolling over more and more and holding herself up. 
Which means she is getting ready to crawl or at least I hope she is!

Parker was crawling by 6 months - so rigs has 1 month to go if she is going to be like him.
Parker was also walking around the furniture by 7 months - we'll see if Miss Rigs will be like him.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random phone Pics

What kid doesn't want a huge container of cheese balls?

 He stole Adam's sun glasses and didn't want to give them back

 Waiting for Claire's recital to start.

 Adam made no bake cookies one night - I ate my fair share and probably 1/2 of his!  haha they were soo good!
 The quality of this one isn't so great, but I love this picture of Rigs - Mom thinks she has one somewhere of her that looks a lot like it! 

 This is the rose Adam gave me a few weeks ago - it opened so pretty

 Aunt Mandy let Parker ride the horse outside of WalMart one day - he didn't want to get off.

 Stud with a haircut
 Mom and I were cleaning things one day and Parker was sitting at the table coloring - when I came to check on him, I found him like this!  Poor Kid!
 My brother, Kev, and his wife, Sarah, took us to an Astros vs Red Sox game.  The seats were amazing - on the first baseline row 9!!  We had a lot of fun even though the Astros lost!  My $7.75 ball park nachos were so good and Adam's $8.50 burger wasn't to bad either - I just wish he had waited in line to put something on it besides cheese!

 My mom, Kari and Matt kept Parker for us and we brought Rigs! 

 She slept a few innings in Aunt Sarah's lap!