Wednesday, March 31, 2010

State Fair

Monday we headed to the State Fair with our coupons to get in for only a buck (usually it's 8 bucks - we probably wouldn't have gone if we didn't have our coupons!)

It was a buck to play skee-ball and if you got 180 points, you got a prize and all the prizes were huge. Janelle saw the huge Dora's and had to play for Meredith. It took her 3 tries, but she did it!!
Look how huge that Dora is - for 3 bucks!!
Adam played once and won for Parker!! He picked out Spiderman!
With our coupon, the rides were only a buck too and Janelle had one ticket left and let Parker use it to ride the carousel. He was okay at first, but then wasn't so much a fan.

Meredith got to ride the train.
And do the fun house!The top parts spins so you don't have to walk on it. The part coming out spins so its hard to walk out!Janelle fell! :) It was too funny!! We ate lots and lots and lots of food.
Cheesecake on a stick
we also had lemonade, an icee, nachos, fried oreos, hamburger, fries, and that could be it...I think haha we ate so much. It's fun to get a variety and share it with everyone!!

When all was said and done, Parker was ready to head home!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letters From Parker

Dear Stomach Bug,
Thank you so much for coming to visit me at 2:45 this morning and having me throw up in bed. I didn't mind not laying down to go back to sleep and sitting there waiting on mom and dad to come in.
Your Sarcastic Friend,

Dear Mom,
What took you so long to come check on me? I was sitting up in my bed for a long time waiting on you to come get me. I was a tough little boy and didn't cry though, I just sat there waiting, letting my head bob, dozing off because I didn't want to lay down in the nastiness. I still love you.

Dear Dad,
Thanks for getting up with me even though you had to get up early to go to work. Thanks for giving me a bath so that Mom could clean up the mess in my bed. Thanks for letting me almost throw up on you. You are the greatest Dad.
Love, Parker

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am constantly learning new things and making changes to all my other blogs (mostly the deals one) and this one keeps getting neglected...Maybe one day I will come back to this lovely blog and update :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


Adam decided the other night that he wanted to cut his hair. I told him he couldn't do it in the bathroom because it always makes a mess. So he went out on the front porch to cut it. Do you like his choice in shoes for the occasion?

It's sooo short!

"I will cut you"

I was tired of all of Parker's Stuffed Animals being all over the floor and in a bucket so we headed to Academy with my $5 gift card I told you about here and bought this fish net. It is bigger than the ones you get online made for stuffed animals and it was around the same price. Bigger is almost always better!

14 Months

When I was younger and heard People say their kids were growing up way to fast, I didn't believe them. But I do now that I have my own kid and he's growing way to fast. Hard to believe he is already 14 months old!

Here is a chart of how Parker has progressed. Our pedi does not give the Percentile, but I found a calculator online to see how he was doing. I don't have his Head Cir. from birth, couldn't find a counter that did two weeks, and this month he had a weight and height check up because the doctor didn't think he had gained enough weight, so I don't have a Head Cir. from this month either.(click on it to enlarge it a little and make it clearer)

Adam was sitting on the couch and he brought his shoes and socks to him and made his grunting noise and wasn't happy until Adam put his shoes and socks on him. Then he wanted Adam to put his shoes on him. Look how big his shoes are compared to Parker's!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Background...

Leave a comment and tell me what you think my background...I am always curious to see what people think!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Red Bud!

We had a great time this weekend. I headed to Caryn's house Thursday night (Parker stayed home with his dad and Aunt Mandy - she watched him Friday while Adam was at work) and Friday morning we got up and ran a few errands and then made cute shirts for the kids (I got the idea from my friend Elizabeth's Blog). I brought the kids back with me because Caryn and Justin had tickets to see Phantom of the Opera (yeah I'm pretty jealous!). Adam and I took the kids up to Buna for Red Bud (their town's festival and parade) (Court, Janelle, and Meredith met us after the parade for the festival). Caryn and I decided that all the kids should wear the shirts we made to make it easier to keep an eye out for all them.
Here are the kids sporting their shirts Saturday Morning before we headed to Red Bud...

Tucker is a stud!
Tucker's Shirt
Taylor's Shirt
Hunter's Shirt
"If we wave, will we get more candy?"
Parker had fun picking up candy that went behind us with Grandpa
Lots of candy fell our way
"Look at the candy I got Aunt Kim"
Watching for cool floats and lots of candy.
Riding on the back of the golf cart to the Parade!
Our loot from the Parade - Thanks to Aunt Mandy for going out in the road to get the candy that didn't make it to us! (I sent it all home with Caryn's Kids too! haha - I don't need the candy, that's for sure! So now Caryn gets it!)
The bag was half full of goods!
Oh Parker!
Parker fell asleep right when we got there...He slept about 20 minutes or so and that's the only nap he had all day...luckily he slept great that night.
Meredith doesn't like looking at the camera when I am trying to take pictures!
Court's Turkey Leg - It was sooooo good! We also got nachos, funnel cakes, a pork-a-bob, and lots of lemonade!
Hunter's Corn Dog - it was sooo good!
Check out that Hot Dog - Tuck had one too, but before he even got a bite, his hit the ground and I took these while Adam was in line to buy him a new one!
Hunter, Aunt Janelle, and Meredith on the Ferris Wheel
Tucker on the Swing (he wouldn't look at me...the lil stinker!)
Taylor on the Swing
Meredith, Tucker and Taylor picking out ducks from the pond
Hunter picking out his ducks
Picking out his ducks
Parker Waiting his turn...
Aunt Mandy (Parker's Aunt - Adam's Sister) was sweet enough to pay for all the kids to pick ducks out of the pond to win a prize! The guy gave her a great deal for all five of them and gave them all great toys...Parker got a tail-less monkey, Hunter and Tucker picked out yellow balls, Taylor picked out an I-Carly Blow Up Microphone, and Meredith wanted the Nemo Stuffed Fish! Thanks Aunt Mandy!!
Do you see the duck tape on the ground? Hunter kept standing/sitting right in front of the tv, so Adam made him a line to go by - The other kids were getting mad because they couldn't see with Hunter right in front...this was the perfect solution!
The three boys (Taylor went to stay with Meredith at Mom's house) slept so well!

At church today a member of the 12 Apostles (L. Tom Perry) came and spoke to us and my family got to feed him lunch after the meeting before he caught his flight back home. Caryn's Kids were able to meet him and shake his hand and then we headed home to get out of the way while a few stayed to help Mom finish everything up!

Adam got a little burned this weekend...can you tell? :)

Adam ordered me cheap cookbooks and the box they came in has been in the living room. Parker decided to climb in it tonight and watch television. He's such a crazy, cute kid!

I loved being able to keep Caryn's kids. They were a handful at times and I had to get onto them a few times for not listening, but I really do love her kids. Today after lunch I had them sit down to watch a movie because they were too rowdy and needed to calm down. I became the bad guy because the other cousins were getting to run around and they couldn't. I felt bad, and I think a few of the adults might not have liked the fact that they were having quiet time, but they really needed it. Caryn's kids mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them.

We had a great weekend and I can't wait until Red Bud next year! :)