Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random phone Pics

What kid doesn't want a huge container of cheese balls?

 He stole Adam's sun glasses and didn't want to give them back

 Waiting for Claire's recital to start.

 Adam made no bake cookies one night - I ate my fair share and probably 1/2 of his!  haha they were soo good!
 The quality of this one isn't so great, but I love this picture of Rigs - Mom thinks she has one somewhere of her that looks a lot like it! 

 This is the rose Adam gave me a few weeks ago - it opened so pretty

 Aunt Mandy let Parker ride the horse outside of WalMart one day - he didn't want to get off.

 Stud with a haircut
 Mom and I were cleaning things one day and Parker was sitting at the table coloring - when I came to check on him, I found him like this!  Poor Kid!
 My brother, Kev, and his wife, Sarah, took us to an Astros vs Red Sox game.  The seats were amazing - on the first baseline row 9!!  We had a lot of fun even though the Astros lost!  My $7.75 ball park nachos were so good and Adam's $8.50 burger wasn't to bad either - I just wish he had waited in line to put something on it besides cheese!

 My mom, Kari and Matt kept Parker for us and we brought Rigs! 

 She slept a few innings in Aunt Sarah's lap!


Eric and Hilary said...

cute pics kim! your kids are getting so big! theyre really cute!