Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day

I haven't felt like posting in a while. So here is what we have been up to...

We went swimming with our friends - Maren, Ryan and Braydon

and Parker loved every minute of it. He kept splashing the heck out of me and the chlorine was bothering my contacts - hence the horrible face I am making!

The Saturday before Father's Day, Parker and I got up and left without waking Adam or telling him where we were going to let him sleep in and to get his Father's Day gifts. He had gotten the Tiger Wood's Golf Game for the Wii the previous weekend and it only came with one of the motion detection things so we got him another one of those so that two people could play at once and we bought him candy for a candy gram and found him a card. Dear "Mr. Goodbar" (Daddy),
We wanted to take you to New "York" and walk along "5th Avenue". But since it's not "Payday", we thought about a "Tie Tac". I loved our day to "Splash" in the pool without any "Butterfingers". You "skor" with me especially when you change "Mounds" of diapers. Be"twix" Mom and Me you're "special". You're a "sweattart" of a dad! You're worth "100 Grand"! I love the "symphony" of music you've made fo me! I love you to "pieces"!
Love "Munch" (Parker)
"snickers" haha
Those are Parker's actual footprints. It was hard to keep him still for Kari to trace them for me. It says love munch because I have always called Adam buttmunch and when parker was born he started calling him just munch. Pretty clever of him eh? I was excited to see there was a candy bar called Munch.
Parker wanted the candy all to himself.Adam and Parker on Father's Day

Here is the video of Adam reading everything and opening his gifts. Mom will croak when she sees this because she is in the video, but I didn't want to cut anything out!

This is the front of the card we bought him.
The inside of the card.
And the lyrics to the song: after you read the lyrics, you should go play the video and listen again. It is so much easier to understand when you know what they are saying!

Then on Wednesday we went to Lufkin to visit Caryn's Family and Court's Family. Sunday the 28th was Hunter's birthday and we wanted to spend a little bit of time with him for that. Uncle Adam picked out Lego's Star Wars for him for the Wii. He loved it! Thursday we played putt putt and Adam left Thursday night at 8 o'clock with Court to head to mom's to put in a new hot water heater. (They didn't finish until 1 or 2 since they didn't get to mom's until about 10 or 10:30.) Adam went to work on Friday and Parker and I stayed in Lufkin. I went with my sister, sister in law and a great friend to see The Proposal Friday night (amazing show - hilarious - I think even boyfriends or husbands would like it) and Court watched Parker for me. (Sorry no pictures from our fun time.)

Then Sunday after Awna D and Geezer got back from Lufkin to see Hunter, Awna D shared a blue Popsicle with Parker. He loved it! Can you tell?!?


Sunshine said...

Wow! You are far more inventive, creative, and ambitious than I! Very Cute! And your little man is getting so BIG! Hugs!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i love the candy gram and the card. way to go kim!