Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Then the clouds opened up and God said, 'I hate you Alfalfa!"

It seems like that is how my week, maybe even month has been going. I mean I know that God doesn't hate us and that he gives us trials that he knows that we can handle and get through...but I am thinking it is time for the Haynes Family to have a break from the trials for now!

I hauled all of my laundry to my grandmother's thirty minutes away because of our stupid dryer on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I made dinner for some family members so that my Uncle would come take a look to see why my dryer wasn't working. He said there wasn't any power going to the dryer. You see - the lovely electrician our lot uses saw a wire that was run and said it was making everything short out so he just cut the wire. The wire was only powering my dryer apparently. So luckily along with family, a friend came over too that happens to be an electrician. He got the wire fixed temporarily so that our lot electrician would come fix it and bury it. Yay for not having to buy a new dryer. My grandmother said that it was a good thing we hadn't bought one (we had been looking earlier in the week) because if we would have got it home and it not worked, I would have been even more ticked. So it looked like things are turning up.

Then Friday we were awakened by our sweet little boy at 3:30. I laid with him on the couch for a few minutes and he was burning up. I took him to Adam, we checked and he was running 102 fever. So we gave him Tylenol (which we gave him the rest of the day every four hours) and he decided it was play time. Are you kidding me at 4 in the morning. He finally went to sleep about 5 and woke back up around 6. Adam brought him in to me and he slept with me until 9 or so. I love cuddling him, but I don't like when he sleeps with me because I never sleep. I worry that he is okay ya know. I checked his temp again when he woke up at it was 99.3 so it had gone down a bit. All day he wouldn't let me put him down. He slept off and on, but wanted to be in my arms at all times. Adam came home and we got him some Motrin and gave that to him because at four it was 99.8 and at 6 it was back at 101.3. The Motrin helps him sleep better. Tylenol makes him hyper it seems. He fell asleep in my arms on the couch at like 10 or so and when Adam went to move him, he woke up and was hyper and wanted to play. We gave him more Motrin (we were switching the Motrin then two hours later Tylenol etc hoping to break the fever). He went back to sleep on me (around midnight) and I carried him to bed. We finally were able to try to get some sleep. However, Parker had other plans. He woke up at 3 crying and wanting to play so I put him down to play and he freaked out and wanted to be held. So I held him and he went back to sleep around 5 or so and so I went back to bed and Adam stayed on the floor asleep. Parker woke back up at 7 and he is currently laying on the floor with Adam and both are sleeping.

We wanted to give Parker a blessing last night, but it was after midnight. Hopefully we can get him one today and hopefully he starts feeling better. We are supposed to go to Buna to see Adam's family today. I may have to get them to watch Parker for a while so I can get a nap. It takes me too long to fall back asleep.


Hilary said...

Isn't it super hot there? Get a clothesline!

Sorry about lil Parker though.

Kimberly said...

yeah except its too humid - they would probably just get more wet!