Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sweet Parker

We finally got him a cheap high chair. We had be putting it off for a long time, but when he started climb out of his bumbo while I was feeding him I told Adam we couldn't put it off any longer! Right after we put it together, we put him in it and gave him cheerios and he fell asleep! Poor Baby!

Who Said Bumbos were just for sitting? Parker is getting into everything. He has been walking with us holding his hands for a while, but he is starting to let go of the couch and will stand still for about 20 to 30 seconds at a time. That may not sound like very long, but he's learning!
I put my cedar chest (it has all of our wii stuff in it) there to keep him out of the blinds but it doesn't work. I want one for the other side of the windows for Parker's toys and Kari has one exactly like it except its decorated different (mine has a towel on top so the top isn't ruined) but I doubt she would give it up to let Parker use it for his toys. There is always hope though right?

I mean Kari loves him very much and I hear that the other night she asked Matt if he thought we would let them have Parker. Adam said they could have him from 10 pm to 7 am!

He is a good baby though and happy for about 95-99 % of the time. If he is fussing it's because he is tired or hungry or you aren't letting him climb all over you and take over the laptop or he wants what you are eating and you're not sharing! He's getting so big. Today, Kevin and Sarah had their new little baby and when we went back to visit, it brought back so many memories of Parker's birth since it was at the same hospital. I was thinking about a lot of things today from the first few weeks of his birth. I love him so much!