Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The US Postal Service (USPS) Sucks

Here's the deal...We moved into my Uncle's Trailer in Vidor (for a year to "housesit').  Before we moved in, he sold it to my brother (who lived in it for a few years) and then my brother recently sold it back to him.  Does that All make sense?  So Uncle Owned it, Sold it to My Brother, Sold it back to Uncle and now we just live in it...

Well we ordered our new drivers License with the new address on it.  Adam's came in about a week and a half to two weeks ago and mine never showed up.  I got a phone call from my brother (you know the one that lived here before) and it had been forwarded to his address.  You see when I got married and I went in to change my name on my license, I left my maiden name on it as well so it would be easier to slowly make the transition to the new last name yadda yadda.  So it says Kimberly Maiden Name Haynes.  Well because the Post Office saw my Maiden name (albeit it was either written as above or written Haynes, Kimberly Maiden Name - same diff right??) they forwarded it to my brother's house because all of his mail forwards to his new address.

Here is the problem.  What if it hadn't been my brother and the names were more common like Smith or Jones.  Who knows where my license would have gone right?

Here is the next saga to the stupid Post Office...Husband Ordered me Maternity Jeans from Old Navy because they were on sale and I'm going to need more jeans, etc.  Well my Old Navy Account still says Kimberly Maiden Name so he just left it.  Well because they shipped it FedEx Smart Post, FedEx picks it up and sends it to the post office.  So the Post Office would be delivering it...Luckily I could still track it.  It was supposed to be delivered on Friday and When I tracked it late Friday night after not getting it, I saw they said that the address was incorrect and then it had been fixed, etc.  Well Yesterday I called and it's back in Ohio.  Yep they sent it back.  I called the Post Office and asked them why and the Post Master from Vidor (whoever he is - probably a relative though right...) told me to either change my name or cancel my brother's forwarding request.  It shouldn't matter right?!?!?  If I have a package sent to me, it should come to me.  And why on earth would I change my name???  For reals post master?  Are you serious?  I told him that if my license had ended up somewhere else and someone had stolen my identity it would be his fault because it said HAYNES on the envelope and he said I didn't see that...I have no proof of that...

So Basically...I will never have anything shipped to our new house for the year we live here.  They will go to My moms or Grandmas house...And The United States Postal Service (USPS) SUCKS!


Anonymous said...

our mail in utah was never on time and frequently was lost and uh??? maternity jeans?!!? Did I miss something?!!?