Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here is my lil bright eyed girl!

Here feet are so different from Parkers!  His were thick and fat and hers are tiny and skinny!

We found Parker asleep like this one day - he usually sleeps on the side where all of his stuffed animals are...

He saw me getting the camera out this morning and told me to take his picture!

Here's Rigs today - She was a lil mad! Not the cutest pic of my cute lil girl, but its a recent one!

Things have been going pretty good with the kids! We went to Lufkin on Friday to spend time with Caryn's fam!  Parker had a blast playing with his cousins and Rigs got some quality time with Aunt Caryn and Uncle Justin.  I came home with allergies kicking my butt! 

Rigs is growing like crazy!  She is awake a lot during the day and sleeps all night from about 10pm until 10am!  It's been very nice!  If I could just get Parker on a better sleep schedule!  And Potty Trained!


Brittany said...

she is darling! i can't believe you have two kids! and i was thinking the other day, do you remember our roommate Cherie's last name?