Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Worst Mom Ever

I'm pretty sure if the award existed, the academy (Parker) would gladly give it to me today. 

I'm pretty sure that most moms feel like this at least once - and today it's me.

I'm pretty sure that if I don't get over this cold/allergy crap and back to my normal self, I'll be awarded the award again tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure I'm just exhausted and that's why I feel the award goes to me today. 

I'm pretty sure that Parker has been sent to his room more than once today and he's cried more times than I could count.

I'm pretty sure he's just tired too since he's been up since 7:30.

I'm pretty sure I have the best husband in the world that came home yesterday (after only being at work an hour) and kept the kids so I could attempt to get some rest.

I'm pretty sure that 5:45 came way to early this morning and I just want to climb back in bed, although I did go out to the gym and worked out - well I only did the elliptical, but I did it for 30 minutes so that counts for something right?

I'm pretty sure if I don't start seeing this weight fall off, that I'll scream and be annoyed.

I'm pretty sure I would love a ddp, chip, chocolate, candy, cake, shakes - you know all the stuff you can't/shouldn't have when you are dieting - right now but I'm fighting the urge and sticking with my bottle of water. 

I'm pretty sure I'm done complaining and may go take a nap - Rigs is asleep and hopefully Parker will be soon.

The End.


Brittany said...

i think we all have days like that. the only way i recover is to take a few minutes to myself-even if i have to lock myself in the bathroom!