Monday, June 15, 2009

Hoping, Dreaming, Wishing...

For another baby...YEAH RIGHT...NOT ANY TIME SOON!!!!

So my plan is to have our kids 2-3 years apart. Adam's plan is to have them 5-10 years apart. Although we are no where near ready to have another child, today I decided that I want my first one walking, potty trained and old enough to help out before we have another one. I watched a 3 year old for a friend of ours and had Parker for about 2 hours today. He helped out with Parker so much. He put the pacifier in his mouth in the car and played with him to keep him entertained. I loved it.

So...When/If we do have another kid we really want to name our next boy Gavin (we wanted to name Parker Gavin, but thought it was a little to popular - we both really like the name though) and if we have a girl her name will be Alexis. Adam has always liked the name Alixe (pronounced Allie - it's Russian I believe), but I knew that in school teachers wouldn't be able to pronounce it like that when they saw it. So we talked it over when we first got married and liked Alexi, Lexi, Alexis, and have decided that Alexis it is! Who knows in 2-10 years depending on who wins, we might change our mind. We shall see!!!

Think we are weird to discuss what we want to name are kids when we are first married?

What a random post I know...but I'm claiming them now publicly so no one can take them!!! :)


Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

You can have those names but you can't take Jaxon Allen or Jasper. We have like those names for a while. We also like Bradley but once of them will be it. But we have no clue with girls...LOL! I just thought I would share!

shayla said...

I know a little girl named Alexa and I love the name. Alexis is so pretty too! I promise not to steal it. If you're weird, I'm weird too. I actually made a spreadsheet with potential names when I first got married. Haha.