Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures from Past 5 Days

Wednesday - Parker's first spoon feeding of Rice Cereal

Thursday - Chuck E Cheese

Check out that stack of Tickets.
Matt, Parker and Adam enjoying the game.
Intense conversation with Matt, Ryan, Parker and Adam

Saturday - Tball Game
Parker enjoying the game!
Isn't he cute?!?

Hunter is the short stop!
Hunter cheesin in the dugout!
Trying to watch the game.

Monday - Water Park
Hunter and Taylor
Tucker and Taylor
Hunter and Taylor
Aunt Squirt and Tucker
Aunt Squirt and Parker
Hunter and Taylor

The explanation of the events is in the post below! Sarah and Claire were with us at the water park, but I didn't know if she would let me post the pictures to my blog or not.


Ryan and Jacquie said...

you've had quite the jam packed 5 days. looks like a lot of fun. you guys are obsessed with chuck e cheese's. lol. i wanna see the movie up! it looks so cute.