Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cute little Hunter that isn't so little anymore
Kari and our good friend Matt Zimmerman. We graduated seminary and high school together and he was my walking partner at graduation.
Caryn's Cute Family. I am so surprised that they are all looking in the same general direction.
tKari, Matt McCallon (her boyfriend) and Tucker (the stud)
This is my family. Kari, Taylor, Caryn, Justin, Kevin, Sarah, Matt (kari's bf), Claire, Me, Adam, Hunter, Meredith, Tucker, Court, Mom, Janelle, Dad, and Christopher. One big happy family. Not everyone was happy when we asked them to wear light blue shirts and brown pants but mostly everyone did and it turned out way cute.


mccabe44 said...

Is that really Matt zimmerman?? it doesnt look like him. It looks more like Spencer?!?!?

Two peas in a pod said...

Hey Kim you look so beautiful and very happy. I am so happy for you and wish I could have been there.