Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Shower Pictures

Janelle gave me the cd of all the pictures she has taken through all of our fun times preparing for the wedding and all that are some of her pictures.Grammer, Me, Mom --- This is the generation picture at the shower. I look fat in this picture and dont really like it. I like the one of mom, grammer, and me at the temple better.
My Shower cake---Patti Gross made this cake too. She is amazing!

This is the quilt people got to work on at the shower for us. I love it. Jill Allred Headed up the quilting and she finished the sides up for us. There are some places on the back where the yarn didn't go back through straight and its bubbled a little this is thanks to my 4 year old niece Taylor that wanted to help. Jill said she would have fixed it, but since it was Taylor's doing she would leave it.