Saturday, March 15, 2008

Like I said yesterday on the blog that a major diet has started. I woke up this morning at around four feeling so sick. Boy was I sick. I puked my guts up every twenty minutes until around eleven or so. I couldn't get a hold of anyone for work so I called the boss and he said he couldn't make it so the store never got opened today. I feel so bad. Mom threw up earlier in the week. Dad was throwing up yesterday. Court has apparently been trowing up. Tucker threw up on sunday and poor baby Meredith has been throwing up since sunday. This is not a fun feeling and poor adam didnt get much sleep because of me. Happy one week anniversary of being married to us.


Hilary said...

AJ has been barfy all day. What is the deal with everybody? He said like 7 guys at his work have had the flu this last week.

I hope you feel better soon!

Ryan & Jacquie said...

Oh dear! That's awful Kim. I hope you feel better soon.