Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am not too sure why I am so tired tonight....

Could it be that for 3 days straight I have been cutting out tiny pieces for file folder quiet books I am making for Parker?

Could it be that Parker has hardly napped the past few days and still stays up late (I'm talking ten, eleven, maybe even twelve o'clock)?

Could it be that I've had family in town and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible?

Could it be that I helped (or not so much) my mom feed the stake presidency and their wives and a few extras tonight?

I don't know what it is, but I have been busy doing all of the above and still trying to keep a clean house etc. It is so hard to keep a clean house with a one year old. I came home tonight to cheerios all over the living room floor, dirty clothes of Parker's on the floor and couch, toys everywhere...the floor, the couch, under the couch, thrown over the child's gate...., sippy cups everywhere. Would you be able to guess that his dad watched him here at home and that is part of the reason for the clutter? Adam is really good about cleaning up and helping me pick up (a lot of times it is because I initiate it, but hey the fact that he is helping, I'll take).

I feel like clutter just gathers everywhere in my house and it drives me crazy. I hate clutter. I get tired of looking at it. I don't want to see it, etc. So a lot of things get thrown away around this house if you aren't careful.

I have nothing else to say and don't really remember what I've said! I am going to bed! Good Night Blogging World.


Laurie said...

with keeping the house clean with a little one around, my sister gave me this advice. Just twice a day pick up all of their toys, once during their nap time (if Parker will start taking one again, and if not you just have to worry about once a day) and one time after the little one goes to bed. She said she realized how much time she wasted cleaning instead of playing with her first. She said she learned there is no point in continually picking up knowing it will get messy in just a few minutes. I try to do that, but I do have the obsession of tying to keep it looking perfect. Maybe after a few more months I can learn to just let things go a little.