Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Newest Dilemma

We have been house sitting for my Uncle so that we can save up to buy/build a home for us to live in.  However, as crappy as Adam's car is, I'd really like to get a new car for the family and him drive my car.  When we go somewhere as a family, I usually drive because I get car sick and hate the way Adam drives (he speeds up and slows down too much).  The infant car seat can't go behind a seat that is all the way back in my car.  It won't fit.  So it would either have to go in the middle (which it won't fit with Parker's car seat) or behind the passenger seat (because my seat has to be all the way back to drive).  Which means when Adam rides in my car with all three of us, his legs won't fit...

So anyone want to donate a bigger car to our family, like a GMC Terrain perhaps?  Or a Mazda Tribute?  I'll pay you back with cookies!!! :)

We can't afford a new house and a car note....so it will have to be a gift!! :)