Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Haynes #2

I had my Ultrasound Appointment Yesterday. The baby wasn't wanting to show its face to us. It took forever for the Ultrasound Tech to get a picture for us. The baby was moving all over the place and punching like crazy. We are so excited that Parker is going to be a big brother to a little sister!!! :)

We are having a hard time agreeing on names.  We realize that it is pretty much impossible to use a name that we don't know anyone with the name, but we are trying really hard.  I want something different that isn't very common.  Adam and I both have very common names, and I don't want there to be 3 or 4 kids with my kid's name in school.  People are telling me that it isn't a big deal and to use whatever name I want, but I don't want to use a name that has been used in our close family or if another family we know has used the name in the last few years.  Is that so much to ask?  I had picked out McKenna when I was about 12 or 14 and a close cousin used it with her little girl and we had Alexis picked out, but another cousin/aunt something (it's kinda confusing if you ask me haha) had a baby a few weeks ago and used that name.

I'm not going to "steal" someone's name.  A good friend of mine has a little boy a little older than Parker with the name Parker.  I feel like we stole it from them...I mean we didn't we found it among the 1000s of other names we looked at and we both agreed that's what we were going to name him and then I realized that they had the name.  I really want it to be different with this one.

It's really frustrating when people tell me that I'm being silly or ridiculous about it. 

We like Brooklyn, Kinsley, Berkley, and Alexie (it's Greek or Russian and pronoucned Allie - but since it's so close to Alexis, I'm not so sure about this one anymore).  We shall see what happens...


Maren said...

kim...With the name Alexie people are going to say it how it looks...ALEX-IE....just so that you are prepared for it!!!! I LOVE Brooklyn!!! Or you could always go with MAREN!!! no one will have that name!!!