Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Here are a few things we are wanting...

He loves Donald Duck and we have to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1000 times a day.  It would be nice to have it on dvd for him so he could watch it in his room.

He loves this movie - I think it's because of all of the music!
We got this yesterday via Netflix and Parker sat there and watched almost the whole thing.
He still loves Handy Manny!
Every time he sees this in the store or the commercial he stops and watches.  He gets mad when we walk away from the display box in the store.
I have several other things on Parker's Amazon Wish List.


I got this as a sample in the store one day and I love it!
I really really want this.
This would be great to have when Parker spills things on the floor so I don't have to get out the huge vacuum.
I need a new camera - Mine hasn't been working right and the pictures are coming out fuzzy - It would be great to have this one!!

I also want a GMC Terrain or a Mazda Tribute because my car is too little for two car seats.  But I can't afford the bill, someone want to buy it for me???

The rest is on my Amazon Wish List