Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've been totally lazy.  Haven't done much.  I do the laundry when it's absolutely necessary.  I do the dishes every day because I don't want to give an invitation to any critters or rodents to move in.  I hate cleaning the bathrooms, so I only do it when absolutely necessary. 

However, today I've been in cleaning mode. 
1.  Cleaned shower in Master Bath - I never use that shower so I didn't realize how gross it had gotten.  It's nice and clean now!
2.  Cleaned toilet in Master Bath
3.  Cleaned shower in Hall Bath - I use the one down the hall because the one in the Master Bath makes me fell claustrophobic.  You see it's one of those itty bitty closet showers and I can't stand those!  It's needed it for a few days now, but I haven't really felt like it.  But it's totally clean now!
4.  Cleaned toilet in Hall Bath
5.  Washed 1 load of darks and 2 loads of towels - I don't mind doing a load of laundry because it makes me feel like I can say I've done something that day other than be a total bum and sit on my butt watching tv! 
6.  Put away both loads of laundry that have come out of the dryer.
7.  Had dinner ready when the husband walked in - major accomplishment for me - that's 2 days in a row!
8. Loaded, unloaded and reloaded dishwasher with dinner dishes
9.  Organized the top of Adam's Closet
10.  Sorted through Parker's baby clothes and pulled out clothes for the new baby and clothes for a family friend.
11.  Sorted through a bucket of crap and thrown half of the crap away - because I hate keeping stuff we don't need.  Adam likes keeping "cool" things and I always throw everything away because I hate clutter and crap every where!

Now I am totally exhausted and need a nap.  I did manage to get a bath today as well so that is an accomplishment right?