Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Isn't that the only thing Frosty ever said when he came to life each time???

We'll this isn't about anyone's birthday.  I just thought I would be totally random like always!

This is actually about our crazy, fun Thanksgiving!  haha

Wednesday I woke up early and called the doctor's office to get the results of my glucose test and they said they hadn't gotten them yet and probably wouldn't get them until after thanksgiving...what?? I can't wait that long to know!  So I went on with my day.  We headed to moms and I started making fudge.  Then I got the phone call from the nurse saying that It was abnormal and that I would probably have to do insulin.  My numbers were 95 at fasting, 189 after the first hour (supposed to be under 180), 160 after the second hour (supposed to be under 155) and then my three hour number was 134 (supposed to be under 145 according to charts online and 140 according to my doctor). 

I'm feeling that 9 pts over, 5 pts over and then 6 pts under isn't so bad right?!?  Well I go to a specialist this week to see what she says and if I have to go on shots again.  Apparently my numbers with Parker were a lot worse so I'm thankful for the somewhat decent numbers this time. 

Then I finished making the fudge.  I had to make a batch with nuts for everyone and then a batch without for Kari!  I also made the cornbread for the dressing.  Then we headed to Buna to spend time with Adam's family for the evening.  On the way home, Parker got car sick and barfed in the car.  Not fun at all!!

Thursday Morning Adam got up at 5:00 to go find a newspaper so I could see all the good deals for Black Friday - He ended up in Beaumont looking and didn't get home until about 6.  What a great husband! haha  (he got me 3 even!) 

I made breakfast pull aparts for breakfast and we headed to Mom's.  Kari and Matt were there peeling the potatoes and then Kari and I started cutting them.  I cut so many potatoes that I got a blister - total we had 20 lbs of potatoes for the 22 or 24 of us that were at mom's house.  There were tons leftover!  haha

Adam took Parker to see Tangled at 7 that night with Kari, Matt, Taylor and Claire.  I hear Parker wasn't a huge fan of the movie and Claire wasn't a huge fan of the theater not having chocolate milk! haha

At 10:00pm Caryn, Mom, Sarah and I headed out to score some deals.  We went to ToysRUs first and the line was wrapped around the building and it was raining.  We decided there was no way we wanted to wait in that and so we headed to Walmart.  Caryn and Sarah were looking for a few things and they were in line for one of them by like 10:45pm (they couldn't get what they wanted until 5am, but they were #s 2 and 3 in line!). 

Mom and I rummaged while they were in line and kept going to find things.  At 1:30 we headed to Kohls to get in their line!  We had to wait outside in the cold drizzling rain for an hour and a half.  We went in and I scored a crock pot (finally - mine has been broken a year) for cheaps!  Did I mention that we walked across the street to Kohls because we had such a good spot at Walmart and feared that we would end up parking back at Walmart for Kohls anyways because we figured their parking lot would be so full.  So we had to walk back across the street with our goods and blankets!  Which meant we had to cross the steep ditch - doing that 7 months pregnant isn't easy! haha  Mom had to cross first, put her stuff down and then come back to get mine so I didn't have full arms to attempt it again!

Caryn and Sarah were still in line when we got back at 3:30.  We went and checked out there for them so that all we had to do was check out with the thing they were in line for at 5.  At ten minutes to five some people yelled from the back of the line that people were cutting and it wasn't fair.  The walmart worker that was guarding the goods said who is cutting and they said the pregnant lady in the front of the line.  They were talking about me!  I turned around and said that I wasn't even getting one and not to worry.  But the Hispanic Guy in front of us that we were talking to from 10:45 turned around and said that I had been there all night since 10:45 and if they had a problem he would take it outside.  He also told them you see that she is pregnant she probably had to go pee like all pregnant people have to do, etc.  He went on for several minutes telling them what was up!  It was so funny! 

Then we headed back to ToysRUs and then to Target!  We got home finally at 8:30am Friday morning and we took a short nap.  Adam and Parker showed up and we all went to lunch (Caryn, Taylor, Mom, Kevin, Sarah, Claire, Lindon, Adam, Parker and me!).  Then we headed out for more shopping.  We went to Lowes and to the mall!

We got back about 5 I suppose and then mom got dinner ready for a family from her ward that had just gotten home from the hospital and then we all ate.  I headed back to Target to get Door Safety Things because Parker can open doors now and I don't want him going in the bathroom down the hall.  Sarah went with me and we got in and out pretty fast!  I even found Parker some cute pjs for $7 so that we could bathe him when I got home.  Without a nap all day, I knew he would fall asleep on the way home!

We helped mom put food away and cleaned up the kitchen a little and then we headed home.  Parker was asleep before we were out of Port Neches!  When we got home I cleaned my car out with all the loot from the day and all the trash - My car was so full of crap!  Now it's totally cleaned out and my trunk is empty!  So excited!  I love when it's like that!  Now I just need to vacuum it out! 

I also started a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and living room.  I figured since I still had the little bit of energy that I had, I wanted to get things cleaned up so that when I woke up in the morning my house would look decent!  I also showered and dried my hair.  I was finally in bed about midnight!  So after getting up at 5 Thursday and only taking a short nap that day (from 8-9am to be exact) and then staying up all night and sleeping from about (9am-12pm) and then still up at midnight, I'd say I didn't pretty okay.  Luckily Parker slept in this morning and I got to sleep until 10. 

Parker did wake up in the night for some reason crying for me and I'm not sure why, but Adam went and got him for me so I could sleep!  I'm one lucky lady!!! :)


Laurie said...

did you know that Kohls had the majority of black Friday deals online as well?
I didnt want to get out in the craziness of a crowd. We got everything we wanted for the same prices on different websites.