Monday, June 13, 2011

Have you washed Crayons before?

We Have...And I'm not happy about it.

I started a load of laundry Saturday Night because I needed clean spit rags for Riglee.  When I started putting the load in the drier, I saw yellowish paper in the bottom of the washer and couldn't figure out what it was.  Then I found half a green crayon, half an orange crayon and then both halves.  We checked the clothes and shook them before putting the load in the dryer.  When I went to take the load out of the drier Sunday Morning, I found a brown crayon in there and there was orange crayon on about 10 pieces of clothes (including the white tank top for me that I had thrown in there to wear to church under my dress).  There was an orange ring in the dryer. 

I had already showered luckily - but spent a good bit of the rest of my morning scrubbing the drier with a magic eraser.  It faded a lot - I can still see a faint orange streak here and there - I started drying my hair at 8:40 and church starts at 9!  We made it just in time to take the sacrament. 

I am still trying to get the crayon out of the clothes though.  I washed them this morning with tide with bleach just to see if I would get lucky and it would come didn't.
Then I used the Clorox 2 stick on all of the spots and washed them again - still not out. 
I made Adam google how to get crayon out of clothes - it said to use WD-40...Really?!?!  Yep that's what it says...

So Adam sprayed the clothes and scrubbed and we washed again.  There are still some marks but at least they are faint. 

I hope to never wash crayon again!

Thanks Parker for sticking them in your pocket and not taking them out!!


Lydia said...

No crayon yet but I have washed TONS of dryer is horribly stained!

Laurie said...

You can try oxi clean stain remover too. It seems to get almost all stains out of our clothes.