Monday, June 13, 2011

Parker Does Laundry

Saturday Morning, Adam and I had stayed in bed and my sweet mom was getting Parker breakfast.  Fruit Loops and Milk -
He suddenly comes running in with only a diaper on and I asked him where his clothes were.  He said, "they're yucky - Milk got on them."  So I told him to go get dressed. 

A little while later he was in the bathroom "washing his hands" and when I went in to check on him, he had the hand towel in the sink and it was soaked.  I grabbed the wet towel up and gathered all the dirty towels and went to put them in the washer, but something was already in there. 

I began taking dry kitchen chair seat cushions out of the washer and noticed the pajamas Parker had on in there. 

I yelled for him to come here and asked why 4 cushions and his pajamas were in the washer and he said, "they were yucky - I had to clean them."  

I'm just glad he can't start the washer. 


Dad said...

what a good boy alway trying to help his mom