Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tired and Fat

So since I have been married to my loving, sweet husband, I have been totally exhausted all the time and I have gained weight. I don't feel good about that at all. It's been more so lately and I hate it. It makes me want to barf. Not really, but that was a quote from a roommate of mine. I need Janelle to get home so we can hang out, goof off, shop til we drop, exercise, and so I can take naps with baby. I miss that. I take the best naps cuddling with Baby M. Mom asked me if I was pregnant since I'm tired all the time and I have been getting bigger. I told her not a chance. Adam would not like it if I was pregnant either. Well he would get over it and wants a kid, just not yet. He needs to graduate and get a real job.

I get to spend Memorial weekend with Caryn and her kids and I'm way excited. I miss those youngens. I bet they miss their Aunt Kim too. Who wouldn't? :) Well for some reason my finger is hurting, typers cramp already? I dunno but I'm going to end the Saga.


aimee said...

i soo know how you feel..i still feel and look about 6 months prego..everyday i remind myself that i need to start my diet, but the reeses cups keep ending up in my shopping cart..sheesh..whats a girl to do...good luck with it and if you ever need an exercise partner..let me know, maybe i can get motivated :)