Sunday, May 11, 2008


Let's just say it's been a better week. I finally got to hear from my professor, I supposedly didn't turn in my final. After a long conversation over the phone, he let me resubmit it and I got a B in the course. YEAH!!! So for my grades, I got 1 A, 2 Bs, and a D. I thought I was going to get an F in the course I got a D in because I didn't know how to do over half the assignments and Adam couldn't even figure them out so I was grateful to see I got a D.

Adam got all As and Bs. So we are both happy campers. Adam's been spending lots of time playing Court and Janelle's wii. They got a new game called Boom Blox and Adam's shoulder has been hurting all day yesterday and today. Poor fella.

There is not much news around here. We are just working and are both going to be starting school again in a few weeks. We are going to take summer courses so we can graduate in December, but I think I'm going to be a few short and won't graduate til may. They won't let me take over 8 this summer and I am at 6 and I can't take over 18 this fall and I'm at 16 so I'm going to be 9 hours short I think. I am not happy about that. Oh well. Life goes on.

I think we are going to start diets though. I have gained some weight since we have been married and I don't like that. So I'm going to start doing something about it. When Janelle gets back, maybe we can start excercising together. I miss her and can't wait for her and Baby M to come home. Well my husband and good friend are watching a really good movie so I am going to go for now so I can pay attention to it. Good Night to all and tune in next time because with our lives, who knows what is going to be going on. :)


Matt said...

umm way to take me off your friends list! if its b/c i havent updated it in a month, neither has caryn!

Janelle said...

I miss you too! And yeah, when I get back we'll exercise together...we can have Dance Dance Revolution contests and go walking with M! Fun Times!