Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny Parker

We went to Kari and Matt's new house last night so Adam could help paint! Oh how he loves taping and painting *said with a sarcastic voice :)*. Parker decided he needed to help Aunt Squirt clean the bathtub. (I was not much help at all - sadly - I don't know what was wrong but I was just so tired last night.)
Actually all he did was play in the running water!! But he was cute.
He was getting in the way a lot.
Oh Parker! I had to pull Parker out of the bathroom and shut the door so that Kari could finish - however, Parker can open doors at their new house because they aren't round door knobs - they are just the kind you pull down on I guess is how you describe it! haha Kari and Matt will have to keep the doors locked to keep Parker from getting into anything he's not supposed to when he's there and to keep him from heading outside to play!
Awna D brought a few camp chairs to sit in for breaks and her and Parker hung out eating goldfish.
When I got the camera out to upload pictures to the computer today, Parker started making the cheesiest faces!! He sure knows what a camera is!! ENJOY!!


Elizabeth said...

Our apartment has those same pull down door knob things! William's been able to open them forever, so I have to keep an eye on him to make sure he's not playing in the toilet or anything like that! Luckily our pantry, laundry room, and front door have real knobs, so he can't get into TOO much trouble!

Maren said...

oh parker!!