Saturday, April 24, 2010

15 Month Old Cutie

I think I have the cutest little boy! What do you think?

Adam put these on Parker's head and Parker thought it was so funny! He was too cute!

Still Growing! He's 15 Months old!
See how tall he's gotten...Over 32 inches! He is still very skinny - only 22 lbs.
He decided he wanted to play with his light switch like he does while he's in bed...So he pulled his train up to it and got on his tip toes. The little stinker is definitely a climber.
He's so cute on his tip toes though don't you think? :)
The red mark under his right eye (left in the picture) happened today when he fell off something...Honestly I'm not sure what - he was playing and I was doing the dishes and I hear him cry - Adam went to check on him and said that he must have fallen or something because his lil cheek was red.
The red mark over his left eye (right in the picture) happened the other night at Grandma and Grandpa's house (ever wonder why we always say mom and dads house or grandma and grandpas house? the woman is always I the only one that does that??). He hit their round glass coffee table just right. We knew it hurt when he cried and there was a tiny mark. It's redder today than it was that day!
I am a lucky lady to be able to spend every day all day with this cutie don't you think!!! Are you jealous? :)


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