Friday, April 2, 2010

No Good When We are Both Sick

Adam started feeling a lil under the weather Wednesday night as we headed to bed. I woke up Thursday feeling a lil under the weather myself. Needless to say we both stayed on the couches all day and did nothing. (I won't go into any detail for all of you how sick we really were - but let me just say you don't want whatever is going around and you wouldn't have wanted to be us.)

Mom ran to the store for us and picked up 7up, crackers and Powerade. I think I was finally able to take a sip or two of 7up around 6pm last night but I didn't want anything to do with food. Poor Parker had been eating Cheerios and Goldfish all day (not that he minds).

Mom came back to the rescue and picked up Parker to feed him dinner for us. I felt bad that I couldn't take care of Parker. I don't like not being able to take care of my little boy. She kept him about 3 hours for us and I slept while he was gone. Luckily we have a good little boy that plays well and doesn't need us to entertain him! If it had only been me sick or just Adam sick, we probably could have taken care of him. But since it was both of us it was a little hard. Thanks Mom and Uncle Matt and Aunt Squirt and whoever else helped with Parker!


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