Friday, May 21, 2010

Lamar Baseball Game

About a week or so I got an email inviting me and my family to the Lamar Cardinal Baseball Game last night for being a Lamar Alumni Member. Adam got the same email and I never really talked to him about it. I forwarded it to Matt and told them we should all go. I forgot all about it until yesterday at 3 or so when Adam messaged me asking about it. Since everything was free for Lamar Alumni and their families, we decided to check it out.

Parker was not happy about facing the sun.
So Adam and I traded places and he was a lot happier!
Doesn't my burger look good? It was a little burnt, but it still tasted pretty good. We all shared the link. It was so good! But then again everyone knows how much I love link/drink sales, etc! More on that to come one day haha!
We got free drink coozies, luggage tags, stickers, key chains, tickets to the ball game, big red gum, free food, free paper fans, and they were giving out free towels, but I missed out.
Parker got a Cardinal Tattoo!

The Lamar Cardinals played the SFA Lumberjacks and sadly we lost 9 to 3. We left during the 3rd inning because Parker had just about had enough of not being able to run around.
The pictures are a little blurry. I love how the clouds look in the first one haha!



Thanks for your comment on my blog. I saw "cut out deals" on other people from back "home" their blogs, how fun that it is yours! Your outing looks fun and yes your burger looks delish!