Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear John

Have you seen the Movie Dear John?  Have you heard about it?  Have you read the book? 

Well I haven't read the book, but I finally watched the movie tonight.  There were parts that I absolutely loved and there were parts that I hated and I wanted to jump through the screen and knock some sense into Savannah (the main girl) (I especially hated the ending).  I don't want to give anything away for those of you who are wanting to see it and haven't yet.  But I will tell you there are parts that will make you cry and parts that will make you laugh and then you will cry some more.  I'm not usually a crier in movies.  I teared up a little bit watching My Sister's Keeper and it was hard to fight back the tears.  Tonight, There is no way to fight.  They just continue to rush down my cheeks and hit the pillow. 

I have had a long time to think tonight while watching the movie.  Adam fell asleep almost immediately when his head hit the pillow.  Which was fine, because I was watching a chick flick and he is tired from staying up late helping me with Parker and the house and getting up early to head to work everyday.  I joke that his job is an easy job, but at times it isn't and it can be very frustrating for him.  What would I do if Adam was gone for long periods of time?  I would be lost without him.  He is such a trooper.  He gets up and goes to work.  When he gets home he takes care of Parker so I can have me time and cook (haha yeah like I cook every night) and clean and blog and read other blogs.  Adam is the one that bathes Parker every night.  He takes him to bed.  He does whatever I need/want him to without complaining (most of the time).  He is so good to us and what would we every do without him.  When he comes home, Parker gets excited and throws his arms up in the air to greet him.  Life is hard at times and I get frustrated easily.  I am glad that I married a man that puts up with me.  Give me me time.  Helps with Parker.  Lets me buy whatever I want and go wherever I want.  He's caring and laid back.  Generous and Kind.  Sweet and Loving.  Funny and a Hard Worker.  I love him and grateful for him.  He's amazing and I am glad I have him in my life.

I am big on families and family time.  I wish my family spent more time together.  I see people on Facebook talking about how they are getting together with fam and it really make me jealous.  I wish my family was like that.  I am trying so hard to be a better person and to not fight with anyone.  It has truly helped me have a better outlook and positive attitude.  I can't wait until we all get together for my nephew's baptism next month.  I am so proud of him and the choices he has made. 

I don't know why I am so emotional tonight and how I got from critiquing Dear John to talking about my family, but I did.  Please know that if I have ever offended you or hurt you in any way I am truly sorry.  My goal (besides losing 1000 lbs) is to be a better person.  Be nicer to people and maybe good things will come from it.

Until Next Time this is Good Night.


Amanda said...

Hey Kim, yeah I read Dear John and I cried alot but when I saw the movie I think reading the book ruin it for me cause I knew what was going to come. Parts were hard to watch epically with Jeremy away now. Anyways, I want you to know that you do have a awesome family. I wished I had a closer bond with my family and feel like it is my fault that I moved away that I don't have that/ Be glad that you are able to get together more often then we do. Anyways, If you every need to talk you know where to find me.

Becky said...

I've been wanting to rent that movie. I think I will now...That's a great goal to have, and I think everyone needs to have that same goal. No one is perfect. EVERYBODY has room for improvement to be better. :)

Maren said...

So I will have to read the rest of this post but I saw the thing about dear john and the book is SOOOOO much better than the movie. I watched the movie last night and was to mad at the stuff they changed that made the movie suck. I will read the rest of the post in a bit but I got to run...I have the book if you want to read it. trust me soooo much better than the movie!!!!!!