Monday, May 17, 2010

Such an Innocent Face, Don't You Think??

Do you think this innocent face could...

do this??
and this??
Oh yes! He can! And He did!

Let me tell you this interesting story...

I was posting to my Cut Out Deals blog this morning and I saw something moving on the arm rest next to me.  I looked and saw a huge lizard.  So I quickly got up and put Parker over the gate so I could open the front door and shoo it out with a broom.  I couldn't get it off the couch so I had the couch almost to the door before I got it knocked off finally and it went out the door.  When I went to get Parker, he was in the bathroom tearing the toilet paper off the roll.  He even brought some to the gate. Oh well!  I didn't want him to run out the door while I was trying to get the lizard out the door!  I'm silly and crazy I know haha.  Just call me a dork!


Anonymous said...

Dork :-P

Hahaha I HATE when the little kids mess with the toilet paper at work! I suppose with one kid in diapers it wouldn't be so bad, but I never know what pieces have pee on them and which don't! Makes me sick =} buzzzzzzzzz.