Friday, June 18, 2010

I feel Loved

It's nice to be loved, don't you think? :)
A few weekends ago my sister called and asked if we would go to their house for a crawfish boil and I said sure. I really thought I was loved and adored and that they just wanted us at the party and then she asked if I would bring the crawfish!! Craziness right? Haha. Just kidding - I know I am loved and they could have gotten crawfish up there. They really did want us to come up to visit. I feel so loved when they call and ask us to come.

We drove in my car with 60 lbs of crawfish in my trunk (that bent the board in my trunk because of the weight - I'll have to get Justin to fix it!). It was not a fun drive. Parker threw up on the way and we had to pull over to clean him up and his carseat. He rode the rest of the way naked with a blanket on him so that if he puked again it would be easier to clean up!

Well you know that Someone in the family is always going to get hurt. Doesn't matter who or what we are doing, someway, somehow, someone is going to get hurt! This time it was Tucker (go figure - it is usually him!). You can get the full story on her blog.

We left church early on Sunday (because it was naptime for Parker - they don't go to church until 12 noon! How Crazy is that!!) and found out Mom and Dad were on their way to Lufkin! So we hung out at Court's so that Parker could take a nap and then we headed home!

I kept two of my sister's kids last weekend and we had a lot of fun! We even went swimming at Parker's Grandparent's House! Thanks for letting us use your pool!