Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Verizon and Blood Sugar

Dear Verizon,
Why do you have to make my life difficult?  I had to get a new phone in May because mine broke.  I had to get another in August because the replacement broke.  Then I had to get one a week ago because the replacement for the replacement broke.  (That's 4 so far)  Then that one broke the day I got it.  So you send me a totally different brand and model that is comprable to the one I had.  I got it in the mail and so far it's been great. 

However, today I get an email from you telling me that you are charging me the $9.99 for the Data Plan.  When the guy told me he was sending me a totally different phone, I asked him if I would be charged and he assured me that I would be.  So I call you today right after receiving the letter and the lady tells me my phone won't work without me paying for the data plan.  Yeah the internet won't work (actually it will I will just have to pay per megabyte) but I will still be able to make calls, receive calls, send texts and receive texts.  That's all I need my phone to do.  When I asked to speak to the supervisor she told me that she would put one on the phone but never did.  She told me that she couldn't take that off my bill because it wouldn't allow her to do it.  Not 3 or 4 minutes later after being on hold she told me the reason I wasn't paying is being I was grandfathered.  You see - they started charging the $9.99 for the phone I had after I had gotten it, so I didn't have to pay for it.  She told me I wasn't grandfathered for this one.  It's not my fault my phone broke and you sent me a new one.  So she finally said - This is your replacement phone (which should be on my account in front of her right?? it should tell her that...) and then put me on hold again. 

She came back and said I'm sorry.  I'll take that off your phone right away and if you get on the internet you will be charged per megabyte. 

Read your notes Verizon before you tell the customer they are wrong and you can't do something.  At least she was very polite and nice the whole time... UGH


 Around noon toady - I realized I hadn't eaten anything and was getting pretty hungry so Parker and I shared two bowls of delicious Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  It was so dang good!!  Around 2 o'clock - just after all the Verizon crap I explained above I checked my sugar and it was 145 - HOLY COW!  They do say stress increases your sugar, but still.  I drank about 6 oz of Mountain Dew Throwback (great stuff!!) and got up to go sweep the kitchen floor and start cleaning the bathroom.  I scrubbed all the counters in the bathroom, the mirrors, the sink and the top of the tub (it's a garden tub you see so it has a huge lip around it).  I still need to do the inside of the tub, toilet, shower and floor - ugh I hate that part!!!  But I decided to go check my blood sugar again and it was down to 94!!!  So either the 145 was an error, or by cleaning a little, my stress level dropped (even after mountain dew - it should have gone up with that stuff!!).

I am super excited that so far with Baby #2 no gestational diabetes has shown up.  I continue to pray every day that I will remain healthy throughout this pregnancy and that gestational diabetes will stay away!  :)