Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me....

I know there are several people out there that are dying to be pregnant and have children of their own....I feel so bad for them.  Come February, we will be blessed to have Baby #2 enter our lives and we can't be happier.  It makes me sad to think that I have friends and family members that may never experience the joys and pains of pregnancy and having a baby of their very own.

I'm not writing tonight to depress people (someone told me the other day they hate reading my blog because it's depressing...maybe it is...but it's life and how I feel...), I am writing all this down so a few years down the road I remember everything I had to go through....

Every morning before I do anything, I have to take a Ketone Test to see if fats have been passing to the baby.  Then I have to check my blood glucose to see what it is.  They want it between 60 and 80 and I'm usually in the 80s...which is not bad at all, but since I'm pregnant it's considered "high". 

Then I have to eat a breakfast with 2 carbs and a protein and take an insulin shot.

2 hours later I check my sugar again.  They want it under 120, but if it's in the 110's it's considered too high.  I am also supposed to eat a snack consisting of 1 carb and 1 protein.  Did I mention 1 carb is really 15 grams.  So like 50 goldfish, or 13 cheetos, or 3 graham cracker squares (not even 2 whole graham crackers), or 15 animal crackers.  I have to count everything now and measure and weigh my food.  Kind of a pain in the butt!

Then at lunch I get 3 carbs and a protein and have to take another insulin shot.

2 hours later, I check my sugar again and eat another snack.

Then at dinner time, I get 3 carbs and a protein and take another shot.

2 hours later, I check my sugar again and eat another snack consisting of 2 carbs and a protein. (today they told me to eat something like peanut butter crackers - kinda hard when I am only allotted 1 tbsp of peanut butter a day right??, or a turkey sandwich, or an egg salad sandwich, or a grilled cheese sandwich... For reals?  Who wants to eat that much at night right before bed?

With that snack I have to take another insulin shot.

Taking shots 4 times a day isn't as much a pain in the butt as watching the clock for the two hour mark to check my sugar after all three meals.

It's also a pain to email my numbers and everything I eat in to the Nurse every 4 days and to go every week.  I drive 30-45 minutes for a 5 minute visit with a nutritionist...that all I do is reshow them my numbers and what I ate.  Oh and they want to see my meter so they can check my numbers because I could be lying on the chart and they want to make sure I'm not...Why would I do that?  I'm honest and tell them when it's over what it should be...then I also tell them why...I ate 4 carbs that night instead of 3... etc.

It has made life difficult to measure out food, only eat a certain amount at a certain time, and check my sugar at very inconvenient times. 

I am enjoying being pregnant and feeling our baby girl kick and beat the heck out of me.  But I am tired of all of this crap that I am having to do.  I realize it's for the baby to be healthy, but this is something that I do not wish on anyone....

I went to a different diabetes doctor with Parker and now that I've done both roads, I feel if I get pregnant a third time, I shouldn't have to go to one of them.  My OB/GYN should just write me a prescription for the insulin and I can decide for myself how much to give me.

Oh yeah on a side note - this week they upped all of my units of insulin by 2 units.  It's not because my numbers are high, it's because they want the numbers to stay the way they are.  For reals?  I don't think that's good to just give someone insulin because you feel like it!  Give me more if my numbers show I need it...