Thursday, March 3, 2011


So at 1 am this morning Adam suddenly sat up in bed.

I wasn't sure what was wrong but I sat up and turned on the light as soon as he told me there had been a bug on him.
I don't do bugs - at all...of any kind - hate them...they kinda gross me out.

He grabs a paper towel and starts trying to pull it off of our comforter - apparently it was stuck or something I'm not sure - but I wasn't getting to close to check.

Suddenly he says its a roach and I jumped out of the bed and went across the room. 

You see I hate bugs - but roaches are one of the worst.  I don't care that it's a tree roach that came in from outside - they are all disgusting, nasty little creatures.  I hate that to kill them you have to chase them down and when you finally catch them and smash them, the crunch...  EWWW I hate the crunch!

He killed it, threw it away and now there are roach guts or poop or something on our comforter and flat sheet to our bed and the dryer isn't working - lucky me!