Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3rd Anniversary

Adam and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary this past weekend since our actual anniversary was last Tuesday.  Parker spend the weekend with Adam's Parents and My Parents volunteered to keep Riglee!  We were going to take her with us, but when they offered, we took it.

We didn't go anywhere too amazing etc since we are trying to save money, etc.  We decided that we would just stay the night in Houston one night and then spend the day just the two of us.  We headed out Friday afternoon about 2ish and went to Katy.  I absolutely love Katy Mills Mall (I dunno why - I just do!) and so we got a hotel close to there.  We shopped around and hit up a lot of clearance racks!  I absolutely love a good sale and since I need new clothes we found me some cute shirts for cheap!

After we shopped, we went to dinner at TGI Fridays - we ate there the night before we got married after I got my endowments - so that's where Adam wanted to eat...It wasn't the best meal - but it was pretty good and we have a $10 off card for our next visit before April something - and there isn't one close - maybe we can give it to someone that can actually use it!

Here is our appetizer that we both devoured...I guess we were both hungry! 
Here is Adam waiting for our food...
And my Sandwich that I ordered - I was full and so I got a to go box to put it in and then left it in the hotel fridge when we checked out - I was a lil sad...
After dinner we headed to the movie theater at the mall to see what was playing...
We ended up seeing Red Riding Hood because it had the closest starting time - totally not worth the $9.50 we spent on each ticket...I hate when they put parts in movies they could have totally left out too!
Then we headed back to the hotel...
It was such a nice room - King bed even! I have decided when we buy a bed (ours was mine from before we were married and even then it was a hand-me-down) we need a king bed! There was so much room and space!
Adam relaxed in the hot tub...and I dozed on the bed watching The Celebrity Apprentice...
I absolutely loved the fact that our whole hotel was 100% smoke free! Every hotel should be that way!!

Saturday Morning we went to Houston Premium Outlets - we didn't find as many sales as we did at Katy Mills - But we did score Adam some $50 shirts from American Eagle for only 12 bucks!  It is such a nice outlet mall - if you are ever near Cypress, you should check it out!

We then headed to the Galleria to eat at The Cheesecake Factory - however, it was so busy and crowded that we ate at The Rainforest Cafe instead. 

I have decided that I hate the Galleria - it is way to busy for my liking!  We walked across the street and found a JAMBA JUICE!!! I absolutely love Jamba and have missed it terribly! 

We also found an Old Navy across the street that was so unorganized it was a pain shopping there - so we left!

It was nice spending time together just the two of us - We love our kids and love spending time with them, but that time for just the two of us was desperately needed!


Amanda said...

Looks like lots of fun.. but I am so so SO jealous that you got a Jamba Juice! I been craving one so bad just to get on here and see you got one...so NOT fair! Anyways - Happy Anniversary and glad yall got to get away!

Rondi said...

That all sounds like a great anniversary.