Thursday, June 5, 2008


This past week has been crazy. With the air not working at work, then heading to Buna for Adam's sister's graduation, then off to Lufkin Saturday for Hunter's last tball game, then to church and off to Vidor on Sunday for family parties, it's like the fun never ends.

Hunter was so cute at his tball game. I wish I had pictures to post, we didn't take the camera with us this time, but he is a cutie. He was first up to bat and they got him at out first and poor kid ran to the dugout and cried. Then while playing shortstop he got hit in the face with the ball and cried. He is fun to watch though and even scored a point. They lost 20-7 I think. The other team was the best in their group or whatever.

Sunday we went to Adam's family party for all the graduates on his side of the family. As they were opening their gifts I remembered how cool it was to get tons of money for just getting out of school. You write thank you cards and say you will save it and use it towards college, but who ever does. I think mine went to cell phone bills, car notes, etc. That's what happens when you graduate, bills, bills, and more bills.

Then headed off to my grandma's because we can't go to Vidor without stopping by to see her. We stayed and chatted quit a while. Then headed home. I went to the doctor on monday not feeling good and she gave me an antiobiotic. It seems to have helped a lot cause I'm not feeling near as bad as I was.

Things have finally kinda started slowing down. I'm kinda glad for that. I like being able to go to mom's after work and just relax and hand out with Meredith and the fam.