Monday, June 16, 2008


I am going to spend the next few minutes telling you about my crazy Husband. In one certain spot in our fridge, it freezes things. Well mostly just our water bottles. Adam brought a half frozen bottle into the bedroom and I broke up the ice (still with the lid on and tight). Adam opened the bottle and the very top was frozen. Right over me he decided to stick his finger in the hold and break the ice. Oh it broke. I have water spots all over me now, on his computer, on the bed, everywhere is there water. I kept feeling something drip on me...I looked up and it shot up and hit the ceiling and was dripping on me. Can you believe it. I am not sure why he didn't go in the bathroom or kitchen or to the other side of the room for that matter. No he did it right next to me so the whole left side of me would get wet. Can you believe it????? UGH