Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Update

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. I got to hear the heartbeat again. It has been between 150 and 152 every time I have gone. He said my uterus is in the right spot and that things are looking good. I have gained 2 lbs so total I have lost 2. :) That's good since I was big before I got pregnant. We find out what it is on September 17 and I am so excited. I can't wait to know what it is and neither can our families. My in-laws especially because its the first grandkid on that side. It's the 6th on my side, so they are excited but not as much as they were with the first I think. I'll keep you posted.

I got my hair done yesterday and I had her dye it all back brown with a little auburn in it. It is so dark though. Darker than I am used to since for several years I have had blonde highlights. It's way short too. Kari went with me and she got a cute bob, but it looks like it always does. No matter what kind of bob haircut she gets, it always looks the same. She is getting married in November and I am way excited for her. I remember how I felt when I got engaged and had stuff to get done and school. It was very overwhelming. I wouldn't change it for the world. I have a terrific husband that takes care of me and listens to me complain all the time. He said we aren't having any more kids we are just adopting because I have had minor things that I complain about and he said he is already tired of it. Oh well. It must be love. :)


Maren said...

Kim!!! You find out what you are having the day before Braydon's 3rd bday!! Aww!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! I am also excited for Kari! Let me know what you are having...text me and we also still need to do lunch!!!!

jared & brittany said...

That's so exciting for you guys! I can't wait to hear what it will be. I'm guessing a boy!! :) Anyways I'm sure your hair looks great too! Maybe you should post some pictures of it!! I want to see!!