Thursday, August 14, 2008


I went back to the doctor on Tuesday for a check up. He said things are going good the baby's heart rate was 152. I have lost 4 pounds!!! YIPPEE!! (Happy mom with the way I spelled it?) So I haven't really gained any weight with the baby. I have just gotten fatter. It's good that I haven't gained weight yet since I was fat to begin with :)

I have gotten in two of my five grades for the summer. One's an A and the other is a B. Hopefully the other three will be just as good. We are still pushing for me to graduate in December. That way I don't have to worry about it with the baby. Adam is loving his new job. They are spoiling him, but its good for him for now. Hopefully he will graduate soon as well. We are bored to death without Baby Meredith around to entertain us. Janelle and her came home last night to get a few more things and spent the night. It was good to see both of them and to play with Baby M. They have already headed back to Lufkin and the boredom continues. We are chilling at Mom and Dads trying to get some of Mom's Laundry done while she is out of town. Hopefully I can get it all done before she gets back with Kari.

Adam is glad that Matt will be back sometime this weekend. He has missed his friend and is ready to have someone to hang out with again beside me and my family. I'm glad Kari is coming home. We fight like crazy when we are together, but we have fun at times.... Kari if you are reading this "Look into my eye without smiling" :) I can't wait for you to come home!!! You miss me terribly I know :)


John & Marie Haynes said...

Well I of course do not want to try to affect the name of the baby. I know Adam has mentioned a super hero name. Adam is the name of of He-man Master of the Universe. Adam's middle name is Karel and when you roll the r and pronounce it properly it is pronounced exactly like Superman's Kryptonian name. I of course would never try to influence anyone by suggesting that using K for the middle initial. You could have an initial only but of course being the mild mannered person that I am I will keep my ideas to myself..Later Be good